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Interested in lowering your car or truck? Rejoice, for you can actually do such and achieve superior quality ride with Eiback Lowering Springs/

Eibach Lowering Springs give you that and more. With Eibach Lowering Springs, you can be sure of exceptional handling and cornering ability. You are also assured that your car is dropped the right way, and Eibach Lowering Springs does that without compromising safety. Eibach performance parts are designed with superior quality components and comes in modern designs for that sleek and sporty look.

Using Eibach's own equipment which includes high-end machinery, Eibach Lowering Springs are built to the tightest tolerances in the industry. Examples of Eibach equipment used are CNC coilers and CAD design terminals that can create Eibach Lowering Springs to increments of thousandths of an inch. Much time is spent by Eibach engineers when measuring, designing and testing the Eibach lowering springs of your particular vehicle. Eibach Lowering Springs have been tried and tested over the years and used by more enthusiasts and racers on their rides. These hobbyists and race teams know that their Eibach lowering spring can be trusted at anytime of the day.

Don't entrust your beloved car to just any other lowering spring. You'll receive more for your money if you get the Eibach Lowering Springs with the Eibach Pro Kit and the Eibach Sportline Springs right now/

Eibach Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying Eibach Lowering Springs & Pro Kit Coil Springs

    Champions use Eibach lowering springs - proven on the track and off. Top racing teams - from F1 to WRC, from Le Mans to NASCAR - consistently choose the proven performance and precision tight tolerances of Eibach lowering springs. Eibach lowering springs, anti-roll bars, and damper kits are all engineered and professionally tested - for maximum performance, exceptional block resistance, and extreme durability. When you need racing quality, you need Eibach lowering springs. When you need racing quality on the street, Eibach is there. Eibach brings the very same superior technology to street spring design. The world's finest Hi-Ten spring steel, produced to exceedingly precise tolerances, is an Eibach lowering spring hallmark. And the superiority doesn't stop with design. Eibach's manufacturing process also leaves the competition in the dust. Eibach has invested heavily to gain the highest state-of-the-art production technology, much of it custom designed and built for Eibach. This includes, of course, the world-renowned German CNC coilers, which produce highest quality, ultra-lightweight springs, for reduced unsprung mass with exceptional block resistance and unmatched durability. All of the talented, expert craftspeople at Eibach are committed to creating the finest race and street performance experience in the world.
    For superior street driving, the Eibach Pro Kit boasts a legendary spring system that greatly enhances handling, performance, and appearance. The Eibach Pro Kit actually lowers your car's center of gravity to protect against body roll in corners and excessive nose dive under extreme braking conditions. The Eibach Pro Kit also reduces fender well clearance, making your car look as hot as the racetrack on 4th of July. Eibach's high performance Pro-Kit can be combined with Plus-1 or Plus-2 tires for perfection on wheels. Just in case you have any doubts, it comes with a million mile warranty.
    If you have a radical racing spirit down on Main Street, Eibach Sportline springs are the extreme performance springs created for you. Designed for the extreme enthusiast or the after hours race driver, Eibach Sportline springs lower your vehicle 1.7" - 2.3", and preserve the racecar precision handling you demand. By aggressively lowering your car's center of gravity, Eibach Sportline springs dramatically reduce squat during acceleration, body roll in corners and nose dive under braking. Eibach's proprietary, progressive spring design brings ultra-high performance, extreme lowering capability and comfortable ride quality to the street. Add 18", 19", or 20" tires and find yourself atop an awesome high performance handling automotive masterpiece on wheels. And just like the Eibach Pro-Kit, Eibach Sportline springs come with a million mile warranty.

  • Choosing the Right Eibach Product, For the Right Job

    Eibach lowering springs can drop your car the right waywith progressive rate springs that don't compromise safety

    Eibach spring kits give you stock handling for the first few inches of travel, then firm up for sporty cornering ability

    Remove the gap between your tire and wheelwell safely and effectively with Eibach springs

    An Eibach Pro Kit contains everything you need to drop your car more than an inch without throwing off your handling balancein fact, you'll improve it!

    more enthusiasts and racers use Eibach lowering springs on their rides? Eibach lowering springs have proven themselves over years of use, so hobbyists and race teams know that their product can be trusted day in and day out. Eibach lowering springs are built to the tightest tolerances in the industry on Eibach's own equipment. That equipment includes high-end machinery like CNC coilers and CAD design terminals that can create Eibach lowering springs to increments of thousandths of an inch. To make Eibach lowering springs, premium spring steel stock is utilized not only for its strength but also for its light weight. Of course, none of this would matter if Eibach engineers hadn't spend significant amounts of time with your specific vehicle type, measuring, designing, and testing your Eibach lowering springs. But that's what they've done to make sure that the ride and handling of your Eibach lowering springs are exactly as advertised. After all, you know you want the lowered look of Eibach lowering springs. You know you want the exceptional handling and cornering ability that comes from having Eibach lowering springs. So why not just go ahead and get Eibach lowering springs?

    Are you familiar with the concept of a progressive-rate spring design? It's the secret behind the Eibach Pro Kit lowering spring package, and the reason you can install an Eibach Pro Kit on your everyday driver without punishing yourself and all your passengers. Progressive-rate springs like those in the Eibach Pro Kit have different winding densities. What that means is that as the spring compresses, it becomes more resistant to compression. More simply put, with your Eibach Pro Kit, if you drive lightly, you'll get a smooth, comfortable ride. If you drive hard, you'll get a firm, controlled ride. The perfect balance, right? The Eibach Pro Kit also drops your car's stance from 1 to 1.5 inches or so, reducing the gap in your fenderwells and lowering your vehicle's center of gravity. That means that even when you're not using the Eibach Pro Kit to its full potential, you're still getting better handling from your new springs. Each Eibach Pro Kit is a full set of springs specifically tailored to your vehicle so installation goes smoothly and the quality is exceptional. In fact, Eibach gurantees their Eibach Pro Kit for a million miles. So if you've been thinking about lowering your car, do it the safe, easy, and cost effective way: Add an Eibach Pro Kit.

    Eibach Sportline springs are the next step up after the Pro Kit in Eibach's performance suspension hierarchy. When compared to the Pro Kit, Eibach Sportline springs lower the car more significantlyup to 2.3 inches total, so your wheels are really tucked up into your wheelwells for a race car look. Even with this extreme degree of lowering, though, you don't lose ride quality because the Eibach Sportline springs utilize the same progressive spring design as the Pro Kit. Basically, it means that the Eibach Sportline springs don't flex their muscles until you ask them to. If you call upon your vehicle to deliver exceptional levels of handling performance, then Eibach Sportline springs are what you want to install. Acceleration squat, body roll, and braking dive are all nearly eliminated using Eibach Sportline springs, and you'll love the way your car sits when fitted with the larger wheels popular today. And since Eibach Sportline springs are part of the Eibach family of products, you get their famous million-mile warranty backing up your installation. For the ultimate drop without having to worry about parts quality, you only have one way to go: Eibach Sportline springs.