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Lowering Springs by Eibach

The way your vehicle handles is largely dependent on your suspension system. Of course, when your vehicle is brand new, the driving feel is going to be pretty good, but after a while it will start to degrade as your suspension components wear out. The better the suspension components you install on your vehicle, the better your control, your handling, and your entire driving experience will be. That's where Eibach Sportline springs come into play.

Of course, Sportline springs offer exceptional performance. You will experience a reduction in jostling, including front-end diving, rear-end squatting, and body rolling, for a great smooth ride. The main functions of your springs are to cushion your ride and protect your vehicle from damage when you drive over road imperfections. Eibach Sportline springs handle this job better than most, since they are manufactured with progressive spring rates to keep oscillation to a minimum.

What about looks? If you crave the low rider look for your vehicle, and still want great performance, you will enjoy the 1.7 to 2.3-inch drop afforded by a set of Sportline springs. This is the perfect set to showcase your large-diameter tires or your custom wheels.

Eibach Sportline springs come in sets of four, and the complete set can be installed in one afternoon. Once you replace your worn stock springs with Sportline springs, you will immediately start to enjoy better handling, tighter control, and a smoother ride, along with a great low look that transforms your vehicle into a mean street machine.

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Eibach Lowering Springs Articles

  • Eibach Series: Drag dash Launch

    Eibach Lowering Springs

    No matter how you use your vehicle, your springs are an essential part of your suspension system, which is responsible for your handling, control, and ride smoothness. Having a good set of springs installed can make a huge difference in your driving experience. For the drag racer, or for anyone looking for more speed and greater handling, Eibach Springs Drag-Launch springs are the top choice for many reasons.

    Improving quarter mile time is the goal of drag race and speed enthusiasts, and Drag-Launch springs are made to do just that. No matter what year, make, or model vehicle you own, installing a set of Eibach Springs Drag-Launch springs will shave tenths of seconds from your launch time. The reason? These springs give you maximum traction for your drive wheels, whether you have front or rear wheel drive, giving you hard and consistent launches.

    In addition to speed, Drag-Launch springs have a number of other benefits for your vehicle. The precision engineering, using the same high quality materials as Eibach's popular Pro Kit spring series, helps to control axle torque and improves weight transfer for superior handling and control. The included airbag and airbag accessories regulate launch stiffness in the right rear spring.

    Eibach Springs Drag-Launch springs let your wheels put power to the pavement for the hardest and fastest drag race take-offs. You can enjoy a smooth ride and strong, consistent performance with Drag-Launch springs installed on your vehicle, custom manufactured for your year, make, and model.

  • Eibach Series: Pro Kit

    Eibach Lowering Springs

    Lower your ride and improve your vehicle's overall performance with the original, legendary Eibach Springs Pro Kit. Pro racers and driving enthusiasts have come to rely on Eibach for great performance and the best in vehicle suspension. Whether you are driving to the local shopping center, commuting to work, or headed out on a road trip, you can enjoy the look and feel of a race track with these performance springs.

    The Pro Kit incorporates a progressive spring design that lowers your ride an impressive inch to an inch and a half, without sacrificing ride comfort or quality. Of course, the great low rider look is not the only benefit. By dropping your vehicle's center of gravity, the Eibach Springs Pro Kit trims body roll in the corners, cuts back on acceleration squat, eliminates excessive nose diving, and consistently improves your handling and control. You will notice a real difference in your ride.

    You can find a Pro Kit that is custom tailored to your vehicle's year, make, and model. They are compatible with your stock shocks, though your overall performance will be improved if you install additional performance suspension components from Eibach, such as Pro Dampers and the exclusive Anti-Roll Kit.

    Eibach Springs Pro Kit can typically be installed in three to five hours, and you may require a spring compressor for proper installation. The time you spend installing your Pro Kit will more than make up for the labor when you enjoy the sleek racing looks, smooth ride, and superior control and handling it provides your vehicle.