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Electric Cooling Fan

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While heat is needed for engine operation, too much of it can lead to disaster. To keep engine temperature at manageable levels, your car needs a fully functional cooling system. And no engine cooling system is complete without an electric cooling fan.An electric cooling fan is responsible for drawing air through the radiator; once the fan detects that engine temperature is climbing, the fan starts spinning to draw air. Unlike its belt-driven counterparts, an electric cooling fan operates even when your vehicle is idling. This minimizes the chances of your car overheating in the middle of traffic.And since an electric cooling fan doesn't have to be driven by the engine, you get to save some horsepower, too. So make sure that your vehicle's cooling system is equipped with an electric cooling fan.Carparts is here to help you find the best cooling fan for your vehicle.

• Comes equipped with its own fan shroud

• Helps the engine save power on operating the cooling fan

• Installs easily and comes with easy-to-understand wiring diagrams

Electric Cooling Fan Articles

  • A Quick and Easy Guide to Electric Cooling Fan Installation

    You're driving at top speed when your vehicle suddenly sputters and dies in the middle of the road. So you pull over, pop your vehicle's hood open, and-there you have it-an overheated engine saying hello to your face. Nothing is more dangerous and bothersome than having an overheated engine. It can very well spell death for your entire vehicle, so it's important to have properly working cooling system components to fight off excessive engine heat. Installing an electric cooling fan is one of the best ways to combat extreme engine temperature. It's basically the radiator's assistant, so driving without one would mean less air for your vehicle. We've come up with a quick and easy guide to help you install a new electric cooling fan.

    Required skill level: Intermediate

    Needed tools and materials

    1. Adjustable wrench or combination wrench set
    2. Ratchet and socket set

    Preparing for the installation

    Pop your hood open and allow your engine to cool for several minutes. Never do any work or repairs in your vehicle when you've just turned off the engine to prevent yourself from getting burned. Find the wiring harness connected to the old electric cooling fan and unplug it. Set it aside.

    Removing the old electric cooling fan

    Detach the guard from the fan using a ratchet and socket or an adjustable wrench. You need to remove all bolts connecting it to the radiator so that you can safely lift the guard out of the way while doing the installation. Remember to place the bolts in a safe spot to avoid losing them. Next, remove the radiator fan housing using the same wrench. Detach and lift out the old electric cooling fan.

    Installing the new electric cooling fan

    Install the new electric cooling fan behind the radiator. Slide the fan into the engine bay and adjust its position accordingly. Bolt it in place using the ratchet and socket or wrench set. Reinstall the fan guard and housing. Tighten all screws to keep these parts secured to the radiator mountings. Reconnect the wiring harness to restore power to the fan.