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It doesn't affect your car's performance, but it can impress those who see it. That's what an emblem can do! In the automotive world, the emblem can significantly affect many onlookers' perception of your vehicle. A car emblem epitomizes the automaker's principles and symbolizes the brand's mark of quality. You definitely want to show that off, right? So to show your pride in your vehicle, keep the emblem in perfect shape. Nowadays, you can even opt to customize your vehicle's emblem. Should you wish to replace your vehicle's stock emblem, Carparts offers the best replacement emblems for various vehicle makes and models. Whether you prefer enamel or a plastic insert emblem, we can give it to you. What are you waiting for? Browse through our catalogs and choose what's best for your vehicle.

• Available in various sizes, colors, and styles

• Installs in a matter of minutes

• Made to be more durable than your vehicle's stock emblem