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Looking for high-quality constant velocity drive axles? EMPI is just the brand for you. You see, EMPI is a prime manufacturer of quality constant velocity drive axles trusted by many. The drive axles that this top manufacturer creates are expertly rolled, molded, and threaded to provide superb durability and first-rate performance. With thousands of drive axles to choose from, you equally have a thousand ways in order to improve the performance of your ride. And as an industrial leader, EMPI puts its trust on its people and focuses on their development so that the company's resulting products come out unparalleled in terms of quality and power.

With over thirty years of experience, EMPI continues to produce the finest aftermarket automobile products by insisting on the highest standards of product quality, customer service, and management excellence. By motivating its employee's to work together and have a drive for excellence and creativity, this company is able to provide parts able to enhance the customers' vehicles' power. They make sure that each of the components they create will fit, perform well, and last long. And because of this commitment, they won't settle for creating just one type of product.

EMPI is also known to produce top-quality auto parts like shock absorbers that dampen fast in response to road obstacles to provide total control of your vehicle and adjustable struts engineered to carry at least 700 lbs of force. This company also supplies other chief parts like tie-rods, rack-and-pinions, crankshaft pulleys, and exhaust pipes along with accessories like wiper arms, bumpers, lights, and fender trims. These, among other products, are to assure that the customers will maintain the superiority of their ride for a long time.