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Engine Dress UP Kit

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Car owners looking to enhance their cars' appearance don't usually put the engine on top of their list. After all, the engine is made up of pipes and bulky metal chambers that can hardly be called attractive.Luckily, you can now turn your car's dusty, industrial-looking engine into something sleek and eye-catching with an engine dress up kit. This kit includes covers for various engine parts such as hoses, pipes, and valves. Hose covers are made from silicone or braided metal, and come in a wide variety of colors.The kit's valve and pipe covers are chrome-plated to give the engine a shiny, brand-new look. A dress up kit may also include a chrome PCV breather, dipstick handle, grommets, and wire separators to give your car's engine a unique aesthetic edge sans those oil stains and open holes on your car's engine.Interested in getting an engine dress up kit? Carparts has a wide collection of engine dress up kits.

• Each kit includes the necessary installation hardware.

• All components in the kit can withstand high heat and pressure.

• Carparts offers a 90-day manufacturer's warranty for each kit.