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Installing Engine Programmer in a Few Easy Steps

With fuel prices steadily on the rise, you may want to install an engine programmer, also known as power programmer, to help you ease out the costs. With an engine programmer, your vehicle will be able to get more miles out of each tankful of gasoline or diesel. Furthermore, it will also increase the hp and torque of your engine, fulfilling your need for speed without the high price that comes with an engine upgrade. When you decide to get one, installing is hardly a hassle as it takes only a few minutes; it's the programming part that may take up to 30 minutes or so.

Required skill level: Intermediate

Needed tools and materials:

  • Power or engine programmer
  • Fuse puller
  • Preparing for the installation

    Make sure that your car's battery is fully charged before installing the engine programmer. Use a fuse puller to remove the fuses for the stereo system, alarm system, and other electronic aftermarket accessories you may have installed in your vehicle. In addition, check that no electronic devices are connected to your vehicle's auxiliary power ports.

    Installing the engine programmer

    Connect one end of the cable provided to the programmer and tighten the thumbscrews if there are any. Then locate your vehicle's diagnostic link or data link connector (DLC)-it is usually found under the dashboard near the driver's right knee. Plug the other end of the cable to the DLC. Make sure of a good, snug fit.

    Programming and finishing

    Set the parking brake and turn on the ignition without starting the vehicle. The engine programmer will identify your vehicle and will ask you a series of questions through its screen. Then, refer to the instruction guide that came with the engine programmer to make the necessary changes in your engine's tuning. When done programming, turn off the ignition and disconnect the programmer from the diagnostic connector. Install back the vehicle fuses you removed earlier and then take your car out for a test run.

    Other helpful reminders

    Remember, do not to start your engine while the programmer is connected. Also, do not disconnect the engine programmer or even leave your vehicle while the programming is ongoing. And finally, never operate electrical accessories on your vehicle such as wipers, windows, radio, etc. during the entire process.

    Engine Programmer Articles

    • Edge Products vs. Hypertech: Which Engine Programmer is More Powerful?

      Every driver wants a higher fuel mileage for his or her vehicle and to get hold of more hp and higher torque. Getting a good engine programmer will help you arrive at those goals without spending a fortune in supercharger kits or other pricey engine upgrades. Two leading brands of engine programmers, Edge Products and Hypertech, promise you a better performance and mileage with their long lists of features and offerings. Here's a quick guide to help you decide easily:

      Performance gains

      The Edge Products engine programmer is able to add in a maximum of 100 hp to your engine's normal hp count as well as an increase of torque for up to 210 ft-lb. On the other hand, the Hypertech power programmer can add up to 120 hp and 227 ft-lb of torque-quite a bit more than Edge Product's. With one or the other, you can increase the loads you tow or you can just satisfy your downright need for speed. But of course, the hp and torque increase are still subject to change depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

      Winner: Hypertech

      Fuel efficiency

      To know for sure how much actual improvement they provide on fuel efficiency, we tested both the Edge Products and the Hypertech engine programmer on a 2002 GMC Yukon. Edge Product's engine programmer managed to gain an increase of 2 mpg, while the Hypertech engine programmer managed an increase of 3 mpg.

      Winner: Hypertech


      Edge Products offers a one-year Edge Products limited warranty for its engine programmers, while Hypertech offers Lifetime Hypertech limited warranty.

      Winner: Hypertech

      50-state legal

      Many of Edge Products engine programmers are only 49-state legal. On the other hand, Hypertech's are mostly 50-state legal. So if you're a Californian driver who wants a performance booster, this right here is a major deciding factor. Hypertech offers more options to those who live in California.

      Winner: Hypertech

      The winner

      Looking back at all the aspects identified above, it is clear that Hypertech engine programmers have a serious edge over those of Edge Products. This does not mean, however, that Edge Products engine programmers are of low quality.