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Engine Splash Shield

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Water and other elements can attack your vehicle from all angles. More often than not, they strike in an area where you least expect it - from underneath. So to ensure that the quality of your engine and its parts isn't compromised, you can keep them covered using an engine splash shield. Placed just under your vehicle's engine, this component works on shielding your car's various engine components from being assaulted by water and other debris. By doing this, they're kept from succumbing to rust and corrosion. It also ensures that they're able to function properly as well. Since the engine splash shield gets exposed to all sorts of elements, this device is made from high-density polyethylene materials. That way, they won't deteriorate quickly despite being hit on a regular basis by debris. Aside from using quality materials, this component is designed to match the specifications of most vehicle makes and models. Not only does this make installation quick and easy to do, it also eliminates the need to make unnecessary changes to the shield's structure. So if you want to ensure the safety of your engine and its parts, make sure it's got total protection. Aside from your vehicle's hood, make it a point to install an engine splash shield. By doing that, you're assured that water and other road debris has no way of getting in and ruining the quality of your engine.

Engine Splash Shield Articles

  • Engine Splash Shield Installation

    Your engine is the heart of your vehicle, and you'll want to keep it adequately protected at all times and from all angles. To help you do so, your ride comes equipped with a handy engine splash shield, which is specifically designed to guard your engine against water, mud, rocks, and road debris. Over time, however, this component could wear out and become damaged, leaving your engine components vulnerable to road debris. When this happens, you must replace your busted splash shield right away. And to help you get your engine better protected, here are some basic steps on how to remove and install an engine splash shield.

    Required skill level:Novice

    Things you'll need

      Floor jack

      Ramp or jack stands

      Flash light

      Screw driver

      Replacement splash shield

    Before you get started

    You're probably excited to downright murder this DIY job, but it's best that you slow down a bit and take some precautionary measure first. For starters, make sure that you're parked on a flat and level surface; God forbid it starts rolling when you're working on it. In addition to that, see to it that the area you're working in is well lit; and if it isn't, then be sure you have ample lighting (flashlight, anyone?). Also, don't forget to wear safety goggles and gloves to ensure that you steer clear of unwanted mishaps.

    Engine splash shield removal

    In order to give you enough room to work under your vehicle, you'll have to jack your ride up and prop it using a ramp or with jack stands. Remember: never work under your ride with just the jack supporting your vehicle. Afterwards, get under your ride and locate the screws that hold your splash shield in place. Use your screw driver to remove these screws, then remove the damaged splash shield. Place it aside and ready your new splash shield for installation.

    Splash shield installation

    Inspect your mounting locations and hardware for damage, just in case they need to be replaced. Install the new splash shield by screwing it into place. Afterwards, lower the vehicle and give it a quick test drive.

  • How to Easily Install an Engine Splash Shield

    It might seem like an unnecessary part that should belong to a dolphin show, but your engine splash shields actually do more than just protect your car parts from water. It can help keep you engine cooler and cleaner while protecting it from debris. It can even reduce the corrosion under your car and improve its aerodynamics. However, this plastic part can sometimes break and fall off your undercarriage. If this happens, don't think that you shouldn't replace it. Install a new one instead and you'll be able to continue experiencing a clean engine bay. Installing a new engine splash shield is an easy process that only requires some basic tools and a few minutes of your time.

    Required skill level: Novice

    Tools and materials needed:

    1. new engine splash shield
    2. personal protective equipment
    3. jack and jack stands
    4. flashlight
    5. screwdriver
    6. screws and clips (optional)

    Safety first

    Put on your personal safety equipment like your safety glasses, latex gloves, and closed shoes before you begin. Park your car on a flat surface and use a jack to lift the front up onto a pair of jack stands.

    Locate and remove

    Move underneath your car and use the flashlight to find where you should install the new jack stand. If there are any components of the old splash shield that have remained, remove them. Check out the mounting locations and hardware as well. If these are damaged, remove and replace them too.

    Install the new splash shield

    Place your new splash shield and fit it into place. Use the screwdriver if necessary to ensure that it is securely attached to your car.

    Go for a ride

    Lower your car from the jack stands and go for a test ride. Have fun as you ensure that your engine is indeed protected from water and road debris by going for a good joy ride.

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Engine Splash Shield

    If you look underneath your car, you may find patches of rust building up on various engine parts. That definitely means bad news. Soon, the corrosion may eat further into these parts and cause them to fail prematurely. You may have to upgrade your car's engine splash shield to keep these parts from getting corroded further. Wherever you go, your car comes into contact with lots of road salt and grime.More often than not, these would be kicked up by your tires into the underside of the engine bay. Unless you have your car's engine regularly washed and detailed, having an engine splash shield may help in fighting corrosion. Most stock splash shields are made of flimsy plastic and may develop cracks over time. That's normal especially if your car often undergoes repairs that require the shield to be taken off.If your car's splash shield is already dangling underneath the engine bay, perhaps it's time to get a replacement. Auto Parts Deal has plenty of splash shields in stock.

    • Made from high-quality material that resists cracking and fading

    • Protects vital engine parts from corrosion and serious damage

    • Provides a direct fit for easy installation