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Evolution is the leading VW skid plate retailer today.

Evolution Import Inc. also specializes in aftermarket Euro parts for VW's, Audi's and BMWs.

As a company, Evolution is dedicated to providing customers with durable and high quality products.

It is Evolution's goal to provide excellent customer service to all its clients.

There have been many great Formula One drivers in history, but sadly, some of them-including F1 Williams driver Ayrton Senna-had been fatally injured in the sport. And the common deadly culprit are faulty brakes. Now, don't ever think that only Formula One cars can suffer from brake problems. There was an incident in France back in 2001 involving the 'world's safest car', Volvo. The Volvo 850 TDI's brakes failed and hit three children on their way to school. So take no chances when replacing your wornout brake discs. For ultimate stopping power, choose the Evolution Brake Disc. The two previous examples showed just how fatal faulty brakes are. Both incidents show the dangerous consequences of overheated or wornout brakes. Both were doomed to fail, but not this. Each brake disc is put through cryogenic treatment using liquid nitrogen blasting. They are frozen to temperatures 300 degrees Fahrenheit below zero, and then heated slowly up to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. The result is a brake disc material so hard that it resists heat, wear and tear. The Evolution Brake Disc can be used for any kind of application, whether daily driving or racing. In fact, it's recommended for any type of racing, whether drag, circuit or even drifting. These are the best as metal brake discs go. And for even better results, it's recommended that you use ceramic brake pads along with these. Never again will you suffer from warped rotors or brake fade. Feel safe with the Evolution Brake Disc.