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Exhaust Hanger

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Make sure that the vehicle muffler and exhaust pipe are glued together. Get a new and superior exhaust hanger and see the amazing results.
Okay, so you're starting to hear that clunking sound from under your vehicle. You dismiss it. Then the sound gets louder and louder. You still dismiss it. Next thing you know, your muffler, along with some exhaust pipe, is already dislodged from its position and grazing the road. As a responsible car owner, you should know better than to use some wires and duct tapes to strap it back on. Your muffler and exhaust pipes need some steadying support that only an exhaust hanger gives.
In a nutshell, the main function of an exhaust pipe hanger is to keep your muffler and exhaust pipes glued under your ride. Most exhaust hangers are made up of sturdy rubber materials, though some may be made from stainless steel and billet aluminum. They can come in donut-shaped rings, clamp type, or rubber damper-like design. You can get hangers that can be bent, trimmed, and modified for a perfect fit. And you may get hanger sets complete with brackets and other installation hardware. Installation of this part isn't that hard, because you can actually single-handedly remove and replace them. All you need is a crescent wrench and you're all set.
You see, without these hangers, you'll be dragging your muffler and pipes around. So don't even wait until these exhaust components touch the ground before you do something. Make sure your exhaust pipes and mufflers are well supported by a durable exhaust hanger.

Exhaust Hanger Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Exhaust Hanger

    A loose exhaust pipe or muffler make annoying noises as you drive and delivers inefficient exhaust performance. Fortunately, you can avoid these problems altogether just by equipping your vehicle with a reliable exhaust hanger.An exhaust hanger usually comes in the form of a thick rubber ring or a small steel ribbed belt. Though exhaust hangers vary in form, these exhaust accessories serve only one purpose: to keep exhaust parts in place.An exhaust hanger is therefore made from high-grade materials that undergo heat treatment for improved strength. These durable exhaust hangers are what we have in store for you here at Auto Parts Deal.For the best results, you can check out our catalog and pick the exhaust hanger made especially for your vehicle make and model.

    • Crafted from heat-treated, sturdy materials

    • Keeps exhaust parts, such as the muffler, in place

    • Features direct OEM fit