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Your truck is not complete without an Extang Cover. That is a fact. If you've had your truck for a long time now without having had the chance to use an Extang Cover at all, you would understand why. Remember that time when you got caught by a heavy snowstorm while driving in a desolate road? The storm dumped so many pounds of snow on your truck bed that you had to pull over on the side of the road, get your shovel, and hurl the white stuff off your truck.

Or, that time when you were moving some of your things from your old apartment to a new one you just bought, the little boxes that you placed on top of the larger boxes kept being blown out all over the highway that you had to pull over every now and then to pick them all up...

With its several uses, heavy-duty vinyl fabric, reasonable price, and variety, the Extang Bed Cover is the best-selling cover in the market today. And there's no doubt that it should be so - with how Extang does all it can to make life more comfortable for you. Because we know that people are different, we have made our tonneau covers of several varieties and colors to suit your needs and tastes. Whether it's tri-fold, roll-up, or just plain snap-down you want, there would always be an Extang Tonneau Cover for you. And if you hate the usual black tonneau cover, with an Extang Cover, you will be happy because we have already have 10 colors for you to choose from/

So, knowing that your truck is incomplete without a cover, you should get one now - and make no mistake in getting only the best Extang Cover, because with Extang, you'll never regret anything.

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  • Choosing the Right Extang Product, For the Right Job

    The leader in tonneau covers is also the leader in variety, with an Extang tonneau cover available in just about every style and color

    Flip it up, fold it over, roll it up, or unsnap it: Anything is possible when you select an Extang tonneau to cover your truck bed

    Extang tonneaus have become the market leader based on a simple strategy: Give customers good design, good quality, and good prices.

    With a design for every pocketbook, you can make your Extang tonneau as simple or as fancy as you like

    What's the ideal tonneau cover for your situation? Whether you answered tri-fold, roll-up, or just plain snap-down, there's an Extang tonneau cover for you. The Extang tonneau cover lineup has become the hottest selling series of tonneaus ever because of the tremendous variety available all at reasonable prices. As an example, consider the Trifecta Extang tonneau cover: its three folding panels give you the light weight and convenience of a vinyl tonneau with the rigidity of a hard fiberglass tonneau. If you're a convert to the roll up cover, the RT Extang tonneau cover will give you all your favorite roll top features in an economical package. And of course there's the ever-popular snap down Extang tonneau cover, now in traditional aluminum or all black finishes to complement the color of your truck. Speaking of color, you're not limited to just black anymorenot with an Extang tonneau cover, anyway. With ten colors currently available, the custom color Extang tonneau cover is just the thing for a monochrome paint scheme or just to go against the grain. And they offer the same great build quality and weather resistance that's built into every Extang tonneau cover. Those features have made the Extang tonneau cover the top seller in the truck marketplace, so find out why. Check out an Extang tonneau cover for your ride today.

    Why order an Extang cover for your pickup truck? If you're new to trucks, you may have discovered that your truck bed becomes a haven for debris and water when you're not using it. An Extang cover offers a way to keep unwanted cargo from tagging along for the ride and smoothes out airflow over the top of your truck, improving gas mileage. Similarly, when you have lightweight cargo to carry, like empty boxes or objects that might become airborne, an Extang cover gives you a way to keep them in place during the trip. If you live in a snowy climate, you may have realized that a good storm can dump hundreds of pounds worth of snow into your bed. An Extang cover will keep that snow out of the truck bed where it can easily be brushed off before you drive the vehicle. There's an Extang cover for just about any price range and desired configuration, too. You don't have to settle for the conventional snap-down Extang cover: There's also a roll up Extang cover, a tri-fold Extang cover, and even a custom colored Extang cover with vinyl to match the exterior of your vehicle. Make sure your truck bed contains only what you want to carry: Use an Extang cover to protect your cargo area.

    If you've ever owned a truck without an Extang bed cover you probably wished you had one on a number of occasions. For example, when a heavy snowstorm dumped five hundred pounds of the white stuff in your bed. An Extang bed cover would have kept that snow out of the bed where you could have easily brushed it off. Or perhaps there was the time when you tried to bring home all those empty boxes for movingwith an Extang bed cover over the top of them, they wouldn't have blown out all over the highway. With its heavy-duty vinyl material, multiple configurations, and huge application coverage, the Extang bed cover is the best selling truck cover on the market today. It's easy to see why, too. Since different people have different needs and budgets, there are Extang bed cover variations that run the gamut from a high-end tri-fold cover to the most basic snap-down cover. You can even order your Extang bed cover with colored vinyl to match your truck's paint. The Extang bed cover has a variety of features that make it more useable than standard truck tonneau covers, and for durability the Extang bed cover is tough to beat. So don't spend another day driving without an Extang bed coverconvenience, security, and better fuel economy is just a snap away.