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Tonneau Cover by Extang

If you own a pickup truck, a good tonneau cover is practically a necessity. In order to enjoy full use of your cargo space, you will need something to keep your loads from flying out while you drive down the road. In addition, your bed should be protected from the elements, especially if you park in a driveway. For the best protection at the best price, check out the Extang BlackMax tonneau cover.

Economical and effective, the BlackMax tonneau cover is a great-looking all black cover that is custom made to fit your vehicle, no matter what year, make and model truck you own. You won't have to spend a fortune to get the protection you need from a tonneau cover. Keep your cargo in and the elements out, and you will save money in the long run when you minimize rust and corrosion due to normal wear on your truck bed.

The Extang BlackMax tonneau cover also saves you money at the gas pumps. The sleek aerodynamic cover reduces wind drag by leveling out the top of your truck bed, which gives you an increase in your miles per gallon. Made with high quality material, the black vinyl tarp of the BlackMax tonneau cover, with integrated black snap tops, withstands the test of time and resists fading, tearing, and cracking due to extreme temperatures.

Installation is literally a snap. The Extang BlackMax tonneau cover comes with drill-free clamps that let you install your cover in less than fifteen minutes. In addition, the ten-year tarp warranty and the lifetime warranty on the sturdy aluminum frame ensure that the BlackMax tonneau cover will yield years of service for your truck.

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Extang Tonneau Cover Articles

  • Extang Series: Classic Platinum

    Extang Tonneau Cover

    Convenience and classic great looks, plus much more, are available for you with the Extang Classic Platinum tonneau cover. No matter what you haul around in your pickup truck, you need a good cover to keep everything safe and secure. After all, the last thing you want to see is your cargo flying out of your truck bed in the middle of the highway, and nothing offers you better protection and security than a good tonneau cover.

    In addition to keeping your gear secure, the Classic Platinum tonneau cover protects your truck itself. Rain, snow, sleet, and even mud and gravel making its way into your bed will damage your surface, and even small scratches in your finish leads to rust and corrosion over time. The durable black vinyl tarp of the Extang Classic Platinum tonneau cover keeps the elements out and your cargo in.

    The Classic Platinum tonneau cover rolls up to your cab in less than a minute for easy access, and is secured open with Velcro straps. With a durable aluminum frame, reinforced tarp, and stainless steel moveable snaps, this versatile cover stands up to all kinds of weather. You can also remove the cover fast using the one-handed ClickLock release system for larger loads.

    Some tonneau covers are tough to install, but the Extang Classic Platinum tonneau cover can be mounted to your truck rails in about fifteen minutes, using the exclusive TuffKlamps attachment system that requires no drilling or special tools, and will not damage your truck. The Classic Platinum tonneau cover will provide you with years of service and reliability.

  • Extang Series: Express

    Extang Tonneau Cover

    There's no question about it: if you intend to load up your pickup bed, you need a cover to keep your cargo in place and protected. There are a lot of tonneau covers on the market, and of course, some are better than others. If you are looking for convenience in installation and use, along with quality protection, the Extang Express tonneau cover may be the one for you.

    You can open and close your tonneau cover in seconds, because the Express tonneau cover is the fastest soft roll-up cover out there. The bows roll with the heavy-duty tarp, and quick release levers at the tailgate ensure fast opening with no reaching or struggling. Closing the Extang Express tonneau cover is just as fast, and the industrial-strength Velcro fasteners ensure a tight seal. In addition, you get great tension and tautness in any season thanks to the spring-loaded self-adjusting tension system.

    The value of a good cover extends beyond ease of use. The Express tonneau cover can save you money as well, by reducing wind drag from your pickup bed to increase your fuel economy. You know the value of protecting your finish from damage due to exposure to the elements, so you won't have to worry about rust and corrosion with a tonneau cover sealing off your bed.

    The Extang Express tonneau cover not only operates with ease, it also installs faster than other soft tonneau covers. Using drill-free, damage free clamps, the Express tonneau cover installs in just a few minutes, so you're ready to roll in more ways than one.

  • Extang Series: Folding

    Owning a pickup truck means being able to haul just about anything. However, keeping your cargo safe is an important consideration, and a good tonneau cover helps you do just that. Tonneau covers are snug fitting, durable covers for your pickup bed, that typically come in either hard or soft varieties, and are available with a number of different options for opening, closing, and fastening. The Extang folding tonneau cover is one of the great options available for pickup truck owners.

    Folding tonneau covers are usually soft covers that come in sections or segments stretched on a frame, so you can gain easy access to part or all of your pickup bed. They may have one, two, or three sections depending on the model. For example the Trifecta Extang folding tonneau cover has three sections for maximum versatility and ease of access.

    Extang folding tonneau covers are made with high quality material. The heavy duty vinyl tarp holds its shape in all weather conditions, and resists fading, scuffing, and tearing. In addition, the lightweight yet durable aluminum frame of these folding tonneau covers accentuates the design and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

    Like other covers from Extang, folding tonneau covers are easy to install. You can complete the process in just a few minutes with the exclusive clamps that do not require drilling or special tools. Of course, they also look great mounted on your pickup truck bed. Don't forget the savings you will realize at the gas pumps with a tonneau cover, since it reduces wind drag across your bed and boosts your fuel economy.

  • Extang Series: FullTilt

    The job of a tonneau cover is to keep your cargo bay protected. There are a lot of covers available for pickup truck owners, with many different features and designs to suit your individual needs. If you're looking for easy, one-handed access to your cargo bed, along with exceptional weather-tight protection, you may be interested in the Extang FullTilt tonneau cover.

    A durable and convenient accessory for any pickup, the FullTilt tonneau cover is a hinged cover with a wide array of features designed to make bed access easy and fast. The cover is hinged at the cab and comes with gas shocks for a controlled and satisfying pneumatic lift. Dual lever locks ensure closure while you drive, and allow for a one-handed release, so you can open the cover, grab what you need, and close it again quickly.

    The Extang FullTilt tonneau cover is constructed with quality in mind. It consists of a heavy-duty leather grain black vinyl tarp stretched over a sturdy aluminum frame. Spring-loaded bows and ClickLock corners keep the cover in place, and the FullTilt tonneau cover is available with either "peel & seal" tongue and groove closures, or extra strong TuffSnaps.

    No matter what your vehicle's year, make, and model, there is an Extang FullTilt tonneau cover available for you. Quality, durability, and superior protection make the FullTilt tonneau cover a great value for any pickup owner, and of course, you will receive all the traditional benefits of a good tonneau cover, such as increased gas mileage and protection from the elements.

  • Extang Series: FullTilt Tool Box

    Selecting the perfect tonneau cover for your pickup truck can be a challenge, especially with all the options available out there. If your bed features a tool box, you will likely want a cover that allows you tool box access without interference, and still protects your cargo and your possessions. The Extang FullTilt Tool Box tonneau cover delivers, with easy one-handed operation that does not block your tool box, and still keeps the rest of your bed covered and secure.

    The FullTilt Tool Box tonneau cover is a versatile cover that is hinged at the tool box. The cover features a black anodized L-channel between the tool box and the cover to give you a tight seal and great drainage, keeping more of the elements out of your cargo area. In addition, the gas shocks features with the Extang FullTilt Tool Box tonneau cover make access a simple matter of lift, grab, and close.

    Like all Extang covers, the FullTilt Tool Box tonneau cover is built for quality. A commercial grade black vinyl tarp resists fading and cracking, and stays in great shape through all kinds of weather. The rugged aluminum frame resists rust and corrosion, and comes with a lifetime warranty, so you will never need another tonneau cover for as long as you own your truck.

    Keep your tool box accessible and your possessions protected with the Extang FullTilt Tool Box tonneau cover. Available with your choice of TuffSnaps or J-channel tongue and groove closures, this versatile cover gives you full access without the hassle. The FullTilt Tool Box tonneau cover installs in just minutes, and can be removed and replaced easily to accommodate larger loads.

  • Extang Series: Hinged

    Tonneau covers are designed to protect your cargo and your pickup truck bed from the elements. They also lend improved aerodynamics to your vehicle, boosting your fuel efficiency by reducing the wind drag you experience with an open bed. If you frequently need to get into your truck bed for tools, gear, or other cargo, you aren't going to want a cover that takes forever to open and close. Fortunately, the Extang hinged tonneau cover series delivers easy access and great protection in one.

    Hinged tonneau covers give you fast, one-handed access to your cargo area, without sacrificing on protection. You can simply flip open the catch and lift your cover, grab what you need out of your truck bed, and have the cover secured again in less than a minute. Of course, as with all of their products, Extang hinged tonneau covers feature durable black vinyl tarp that will not fade, tear, or distort through exposure, and a sturdy aluminum frame backed by a lifetime warranty.

    Extang offers several types of hinged tonneau covers, so you can select the one that best suits your needs as well as your personal style. The Extang FullTilt is a one-piece cover that is hinged at the cab and features gas shocks for great lift and lowering. It is available with your choice of tongue and groove "peel & seal" or virtually indestructible TuffSnaps closures. The FullTilt Tool Box cover includes the same great features, and leaves your tool box uncovered for easy access.

    Extang hinged tonneau covers install in less than fifteen minutes with no drilling or special tools. They are also easy to remove and replace with one-person operation. Consider a versatile and convenient hinged tonneau cover from Extang for your pickup.

  • Extang Series: RT

    When you are considering a tonneau cover for your pickup, do you want great looks as well as great functionality? You will find all this and more with the Extang RT tonneau cover. Extang is a leader in tonneau covers and pickup accessories, with a full line of quality covers for your pickup available to suit every driver's particular needs and style preferences.

    The RT tonneau cover gives you all the benefits of a tonneau cover and more. The sleek, aerodynamic style smoothes out your bed and reduces wind drag, which in turn improves your gas mileage while you drive. Since it sits nearly flush with your bed when closed, this cover looks great and lends your vehicle a streamlined, low profile appearance.

    Of course, protecting your cargo is the most important function of any tonneau cover, and the Extang RT tonneau cover does it well with a snug-fitting commercial grade black vinyl tarp. The Velcro closures are aggressive high peel strength industrial style, for a grip that protects with authority and still allows easy access to your truck bed. In addition, the sturdy bows of the RT tonneau cover roll up with the tarp to further facilitate opening and closing.

    The Extang RT tonneau cover installs quickly and easily with no drilling or special tools, using exclusive clamps that will not damage your truck. Use the PerfectFit adjustable controls at the cab to get perfect tension for your RT tonneau cover with a few twists of a dial.

  • Extang Series: Saber

    Tonneau covers are must-have accessories for any pickup truck owner. Not only do they keep your cargo safe and secure, but they also protect your truck bed itself from damage due to exposure to the elements. In addition, tonneau covers even out the bed of your truck, which reduces wind drag and improves both speed and fuel economy with increased aerodynamics. For the smoothest look and feel for your truck, check out the Extang Saber tonneau cover.

    The peel-on, peel-off design of the Saber tonneau cover creates a sleek look for your truck. Also, the even attachment of the cover using the new J45 strip from Extang, which is the strongest tarp attachment in the industry, ensures low fabric stress at any driving speed. Made with the highest quality materials, the Extang Saber tonneau cover holds its shape in all types of weather and resists fading, tearing, stretching, and other types of damage.

    Not all loads are going to fit under your tonneau cover, so you will also want to be able to remove it quickly when it's necessary. The Saber tonneau cover can be removed with one hand using the solid Monster Bow cross-rails, and access to your bed with the cover is just as easy with Extang's one-handed tail release corner system.

    You can install the Extang Saber tonneau cover in less than fifteen minutes without drilling or special tools, using the exclusive TuffKlamps that mount right to your truck rails. There is a Saber tonneau cover available for your vehicle's year, make and model, so don't hesitate to cover your truck with the best in the business.

  • Extang Series: Soft Roll Up

    What can an Extang soft roll up tonneau cover do for your vehicle? Tonneau covers are great accessories for any pickup truck owner, providing you with the protection and security you need for your cargo as well as your truck itself. Keeping the elements away from your loads and from the surfaces of your vehicle is essential, and the type of cover you choose will depend on your particular needs. Extang offers many different types of soft roll up tonneau covers to choose from.

    For economy and utility, the BlackMax is a perfect example of simplicity and function from an Extang soft roll up tonneau cover. This basic black cover with integrated black TuffSnaps snap enclosures is the most affordable tonneau from Extang, yet still provides the same high quality construction and convenient installation. The Classic Platinum takes this simplicity and affordability a step further, with moveable snaps and other additional features.

    If you want great looks out of your soft roll up tonneau cover, check out the Extang Saber and RT models. The RT offers a low, smooth profile with a fit that is nearly flush to your truck bed, while the Saber combines even coverage with proven performance, having been featured for years in professional driving circuits. These covers provide fast, one-hand access and more.

    Extang soft roll up tonneau covers are perfect for every pickup. You can find a soft roll up tonneau cover that fits your vehicle's year, make and model, as well as your personal style.

  • Extang Series: Trifecta

    If you are considering a tonneau cover for your truck, of course you are going to want something that will provide superior protection and security for your cargo. Another important consideration is convenience. You want your stuff covered, but you also want to be able to get to it fast when you need it. The Extang Trifecta tonneau cover is one of the easiest and most versatile covers available for your pickup truck.

    Every Extang product is made with the best quality materials, and the Trifecta tonneau cover is no exception. Crafted with heavy-duty industrial grade black vinyl top that is stretched over a sturdy aluminum frame, this cover withstands abuse from the elements without fading, cracking, or tearing, even in extreme weather conditions. The snug fit and secure seal of the Extang Trifecta tonneau cover ensures that your cargo stays safe from rain, snow, wind and sun.

    One unique feature of the Trifecta tonneau cover is its three-piece folding design, which allows you to access as little or as much of your pickup bed as you need at any time. You can drive with it closed, partially closed, or fully open for larger loads, using the luggage-style clip straps that secure the cover at the cab.

    Of course, this cover also gives you improved gas mileage by reducing wind drag from your back end. The Extang Trifecta tonneau cover installs in about three minutes with no drilling or special tools. Get the degree of access you need for your pickup with the Trifecta tonneau cover.

  • Extang Series: Tuff Tonneau III

    Whether or not you intend to haul a lot of loads with your pickup, it just makes sense to invest in a good tonneau cover. Not only does this accessory keep whatever might be stored in your truck safe from the elements and prevent your belongings from flying out while you are driving, it also protects your truck body. Over time, rain, snow, sleet, mud, and even debris and gravel will damage the inside of your cargo bed, and surface imperfections are gateways to rust, corrosion, and body rot. Get the protection you need with the Extang Tuff Tonneau III cover.

    Regardless of the year, make and model of your vehicle, you will find a Tuff Tonneau III cover that is custom made to fit your truck. The heavy-duty black vinyl tarp looks great on any truck, and the smooth low profile of the Extang Tuff Tonneau III cover not only gives your bed visual appeal, but it also helps to improve fuel economy by decreasing wind drag.

    Extang products are time-tested for durability and performance. The Tuff Tonneau III cover resists scratching, scuffing, ripping, and fading, and will stand up in any weather condition. The rugged Monster Bows keep your tarp in place, and the new J45 "peel & seal" Velcro attachment system is the strongest tonneau closure in the industry.

    Installing an Extang Tuff Tonneau III cover can be accomplished in just a few minutes using the exclusive TuffKlamps that secure the cover to your bed rails without drilling or special tools. In addition, the quick-release tail rail of the Tuff Tonneau III cover ensures easy, any-time access to your bed.