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No one knows off-road suspension systems better than Fabtech. For more than 15 years, Fabtech has become synonymous with hardcore off-road suspension systems. From desert racing to track racing to rock climbing, Fabtech is at the forefront of off-road performance. Intensive testing on the components like the ones in the Fabtech Lift Kits are built to get the maximum satisfaction for an off-road conqueror.

The facts are undeniable. It comprises of computer-aided lift kits design and computer numerical suspension lift kits control equipment. Used in either 2WD or 4WD trucks, the Fabtech Performance Shock has been crafted to complement with the Fabtech suspension system. Available in monotube and twin-tube designs, the Fabtech Performance has the high-velocity 10-stage valving feature great for dampening capabilities. The closed cell insert reduce shock fade at high speeds.

For performance suspension system needs, why not get a brand that has been in the thick of things for many years now? Consider someone who knows what is being done - a company who is aggressively driving towards the future of suspension systems. Rely with Fabtech for that satisfaction of an on-road driver. Fabtech Performance Suspension System - this is what suspension should be.

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  • Choosing the Right Fabtech Product, For the Right Job

    When you're leaving the pavement you want the strongest suspension available and that's Fabtech

    Built not only for lift but also style, your Fabtech suspension lifts you into the woods or the city in style

    All Fabtech products are made in the U.S.A. from superior materials and guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship

    Careful design and real-world testing keeps you upright even when your center of gravity is lifted up to a foot off the ground

    Fabtech is notorious for high-quality aftermarket Fabtech Suspension systems. Each Fabtech Suspension system is custom engineered for a superior ride, with knowledge gained from Fabtech's history in automobile racing. Fabtech Suspensions are available for many makes and models of pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles. Each kit is designed to be a simple bolt-on installation with little or no modification, making the Fabtech Suspension kits an easy addition to many trucks. There are three varieties of Fabtech Suspension Kits. The first is the Coil Spring System, a Fabtech Suspension that is heavily used in racing. Designed for four-wheel drive systems, it includes superior strength brackets with gussets to add rigidity. With high-quality welds and computer guided machining, this Fabtech Suspension is designed for strength. The second type of Fabtech Suspension system is of the leaf spring type. Each leaf spring is made of multiple thin leaves to add the needed play and strength, which this Fabtech Suspension system is noted for. The spring in this Fabtech Suspension kit contains military-grade eye wraps for strength and long life, and sits on nylon glide pads to provide a smooth ride. Also from the racing arena are the coil-over type Fabtech Suspension systems. A number of these kits are available, customized to your application, each built on the performance of every Fabtech Suspension system. Any Fabtech Suspension system would not be complete without Fabtech's performance shocks, with an advanced valve system that provides unprecedented ride quality and control. At high speeds, Fabtech's shocks out-perform other shocks, by resisting fading, adding to the complete comfort of a Fabtech Suspension system.

    Fabtech has gained a reputation in the automobile industry as a quality supplier of Fabtech Lift Kits. Fabtech Lift Kits are available for nearly every make and model of truck, foreign or domestic, as well as several models of sport-utility vehicles. Each Fabtech Lift Kit is fabricated to exact specifications to be a direct bolt-on replacement for your stock system; whether it is two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. Every part in the Fabtech Lift Kit meets or exceeds the durability of the stock components, from the coil springs to the shock absorbers, even the new steering knuckles. The crossmembers are replaced with extended clearance models, and are connected with tubular supports, further adding to the strength and rigidity of the Fabtech Lift Kit. All brackets, control arms and crossmembers of the Fabtech Lift Kit are made of superior thickness, high-Grade steel offering long life and good looks. Included in the Fabtech Lift Kit for a particular vehicle are all the parts needed to complete the job correctly. For instance, if a particular application requires a change to the driveshaft, custom hardware, or a custom skid-plate, the parts are included in the Fabtech Lift Kit to ensure compatibility with the vehicle and flawless operation. Every Fabtech Lift Kit is designed to provide an easy, clean install and years of use for any application. Fabtech Lift Kits are available in various lift sizes, depending on model, from a two-inch lift up to an eight-inch lift, and can accommodate tire sizes up to 35 inches.

    Fabtech Shocks give your lifted truck a better ride. Both 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive truck owners across the country are discovering the benefits of using Fabtech shocks. They know whether you are cruising the street or trekking off-road, Fabtech Shocks offer you the comfortable ride you want. Fabtech Shocks monotube and twin-tube designs include 10-stage, high velocity valving and a closed cell insert to reduce high-speed shock fade. Fabtech Performance Shocks, when working in conjunction with any of Fabtech's suspension systems, give excellent ride control. High velocity 10-stage valving provides better handling through superior suspension dampening. Fabtech uses a closed cell foam insert, in these performance shocks, reducing shock fade when your truck hits those high speeds. Hand-built Fabtech Dirt Logic Shocks are what drivers have come to expect from Fabtech - high quality take-apart racing shocks. These shocks feature preset vehicle specific valving, spherical ball or urethane mounting ends, anodized billet end caps, a 7/8 chrome piston rod, nitrogen charged monotube, 2.25 OD nickel plated body, and 2.0 OD billet aluminum piston. Fabtech Dirt Logic Shocks offer an optional 2.25 OD reservoir w/-6 stainless O-ring hose. Discover what other truck owners know. If you are hitting the dirt or just driving the streets around town, get Fabtech Shocks for, better handling, a high level of suspension dampening, low shock fade and an overall more comfortable ride. You can't beat the ride, or Fabtech's hand-built quality.