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There are a lot of companies out there that promise you quality products but fail to deliver when needed. Get it right the first time around, choose from our wide selection of high quality products at very affordable prices, here at Race Pages! Find top-notch Facet products like the Facet Auxiliary Fan Switch at unbelievably low prices. Facet is a privately owned independent company which plans, develops and produces its own replacement parts, mainly components for engine management and temperature control for most automobile manufacturer. Browse through our comprehensive online catalog and see what deals and promotions we might have for you today.

Other high quality replacement parts are available too. The Facet Distributor Rotor is a wise choice for replacing your defective or broken distributor rotor. You will surely notice the quality of this product once you install it on your vehicle, or should we say, you wouldn't notice anything at all! This product is manufactured to strict OEM standards so it can perform or even exceed your OEM part, the result? It performs just like the OEM part; you might even forget that you ever had trouble with that part. Only a few brands can deliver this kind of excellent performance.

Is your vehicle having trouble regulating oil pressure? It is important for your engine to always have the right amount of oil and pressure in order for it to run efficiently. To save fuel and cut down on costs, make sure that you check oil levels from time to time. If the oil mechanics is faulty, it could cost you hundreds of dollars to repair, and that still depends on the amount of damage in the system. The Facet Oil Pressure Switch is a high quality replacement part that performs just like the OEM. It regulates the oil pressure just as well as the original part. Same quality plus more affordable price equals big savings and best bang for buck.