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Fan Clutch

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Does your vehicle overheat at idle or in heavy traffic? Replace your malfunctioning fan clutch at once.
Engine overheating is one of the common reasons for breakdown of most engine parts. In this situation, the fan clutch suffers the most and can cause serious impact on your ride's engine cooling system. Repairing can only do so much, so you'd better look for a replacement that brings everything you want to the table.
A fan clutch is a fluid coupling combined with a bi-metallic sensory system that is very similar to a thermostat. Its main purpose is to unfasten the engine's radiator cooling fan during cool or normal operating temperatures. The whole idea behind the disengaging is to save power since your ride isn't torching the roads just yet. However, things get a little bit tricky when you start to step on the gas because the fan becomes fully engaged and sucks in as much air as possible. The more air that gets into the radiator, the better the engine will be cooled, which means there is a less chance of overheating.
t for this engine-cooling component, make sure that it is specifically designed to control fan speed depending on the engine's temperature requirements. Aside from that, get professional help if you don't know how to install one.