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Fenders are those intricate panels of sheet metal that you see on the side of your vehicle, right by the door and over and around the front and rear wheels. Oftentimes they take the shape of the wheels. Some fenders are integrated into the anatomy of the automobile but some are stand alone panels which may be bought in dealer shops and installed easily.
The contour that forms a fender begins where the front and back doors end and runs forward or backward either to the front and rear bumpers, and ends at either the hood or the lid of the trunk. This is why minor car accidents are called fender benders, because damage to the bumper could also bend the sheet metal of the fender.
Fenders are designed to avoid wind resistance and make the vehicle more aerodynamic, as well as to keep off mud, pebbles, and other road debris from splashing on and scratching the coat of your vehicle. Frequent bumps and accumulated mud and dirt could cause a vehicle's coat to rust and chip off, and you would have to repaint your car every now and then, apart from having to wash it more often than is necessary. To the practical motorist, fenders are thus essential.
Fenders also add sufficient housing for the wheels, especially the bigger ones, because of their openings which are also usually bigger compared to the stock. They come in many different sizes, designs, and colors for many different types of cars. There are truck fenders, pickup fenders, and car fenders, among others, to choose from, depending on the kind of vehicle that you have. Apart from being universal, most fenders are also customizable, so it is not really difficult to find one that fits your vehicle perfectly.

Fender Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Fender

    Get superior protection for your car without the accompanying high price tag by buying a premium fender.
    Rich, important people (like the President) may have to pay a lot for protection against those who want to harm them. But that's not the case with your car. You don't have to spend tons of money on a bodyguard to ensure your car's protection. All you need are quality safety body parts, like the fender, to make sure your car is well protected on the road.
    You may be asking yourself what a car fender is for. It's a side body panel installed above the wheels, which prevents mud and slush that your wheels may dispel from splashing all over your car's body. But that's not all it does. It protects vital components from minor collisions, too. A car fender also helps define the car's overall style and design. It provides classy contours that give your car a classy, edgy look, especially when the car is viewed from the side. Plus, it helps improve your car's aerodynamics, so your car isn't only cleaner, it's faster, too. With all these perks, getting a replacement auto fender is indeed a very practical and wise decision.
    Why hesitate getting a fender when it's a highly affordable protective accessory for your car? Well, it definitely beats having to hire an expensive bodyguard. So if you're having problems with a damaged car fender, you must act immediately and shop for a quality replacement right away.

  • Fender: Just the Facts

    Any driver, newbie or experienced, comes across fender-benders out on the road. Fender-benders are these minor accidents that leave dents and scratches on your vehicle's fenders, the narrow strip of metal that curves over each of your vehicle's wheels. Drivers with vehicles that have damaged fenders usually opt to repair rather than replace these parts. Rubbing compounds do a fantastic job on light paint scrapes; big, deep dents, however, require you shelling out a great deal of cash or credit to restore your car's good looks. But to make sure that your vehicle sports great-looking fenders, better invest in quality replacements when the damage is too severe to repair. More than their aesthetic value, though, fenders serve a more important function: to keep the tires and the wheels as clean as possible. All the more reason to get a new set of fenders, don't you think? Auto Parts Deal offers vehicle-specific models, at the best deals for online.

    • Made of high quality material

    • Rust-proofed for corrosion resistance

    • Comes coated with primer and ready for painting