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You can't stop mud from accumulating on the road, but you can stop them from splashing on the beautiful coat of your vehicle. That is, if you get a fender flare.
Fender flares are those pressed and formed sheet metal that line your trunk just above the wheels and right below the door. They are there to keep mud, pebbles and dirt from flying off the ground and from sticking on or damaging the expensive coat of your car. It is true that mud and dirt could be easily washed off with soap and water, but they are not good to look at while they are still there, and besides, it is not practical to get a car wash every so often. A fender flare can be especially helpful if you are going off-road with your truck. Harmful road debris such as pebbles, rough rocks, and branches, could scratch your sheet metal, or maybe even the glass of your windows while you are doing dirty work. Replacement windows and new vehicle coat are way more expensive than a trusty truck fender flare that can keep all that from happening.
If you have big wheels, the more important fender flares should be for you, because the bigger your tires are, the greater is the force that will throw off debris on the sides of your truck. Aside from their practical use, fender flares also add style to vehicles. They give you that aggressive off-road look, whether yours be a sports car, an SUV, a pick-up, or a big truck. Fender flares are available for all such types and made to suit their models.

Fender Flares Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Fender Flares

    Do you want great looks and excellent protection for your car? Then equip it with these stylish fender flares at very low prices.
    With so many cars on the road, it's impossible not to long for a ride that's more attractive from the rest. But why stop at longing when there are a lot of car parts in the market that can make your ride a serious head turner? One of the most practical parts you can get for your car is a set of fender flares.
    A tougher look for your car-that's what the fender flare can give you. How is that possible? A fender flare is an extension of the car's body, attached from the fenders, and makes a vehicle look wider and more aggressive. With this part, your car looks edgier and more stylish. But that's not all there is to it/ Aside from improving your vehicle's looks, this part also provides additional protection from minor collisions. Also, you don't to have to worry about your car's body even as you go through muddy terrains. A fender flare also shields the sides of your car from mud and road debris that the wheels dispel as they rotate.
    Great looks and added protection-those are exactly the things that you're going to get with new fender flares. So if you want to give your car a unique, edgier style from the rest, getting a set of this practical add-on is quite a good way to do it.

  • Fender Flares: Just the Facts

    Want those slender exterior curves or wicked off-road looks for your vehicle? Those aren't hard to achieve. All you need is a set of stylish fender flares. Today, fender flares are some of the most popular auto accessories in the market. Well, why wouldn't enthusiasts like them? Fender flares are among the affordable accessories that can give your vehicle a noticeable aesthetic boost. These accessories give extra style around the vehicle's wheels, making your vehicle catch more attention on the road. Auto Parts Deal offers fender flares made from various materials that make each set of flares unique. If you want that eye-catching shiny look for your vehicle, stainless steel fender flares are just perfect. But if your ride needs extra shape that's in line with its original curve, then go for the pronounced factory-style fender flares. Whatever design and style of fender flares you want, you can surely find it here at Auto Parts Deal.

    • For off-roaders, fender flares help protect your vehicle's outer body, wheels and tires from damage-causing elements.

    • These accessories add extra style to your ride and make it more attractive.

    • Fender flares are also easy to install and affordable.