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Federal-Mogul's Ferodo brand was founded in England in 1897. Little did Herbert Frood, founder of company, know that he set up the first company in the world to be entirely dedicated to manufacturing and design of friction products. Fast-forward more than a hundred years later, these products are now used by the top names in motorsports. The Ferodo product range now carries some of the most advanced braking materials available to man.

The braking system is one of the most important components of your vehicle. Aside from the air bags, it's the one thing that could prevent or save you from an accident. A faulty brake system, obviously, needs to be addressed right away. Parking brakes are independent from the main brakes of the vehicle, they act on the rear wheels of the automobile and are independent of the main braking system. The Department of Transport requires that the brake mechanism be designed so it will operate even if the main brake system fails. When your parking brakes need replacing, only put your trust in a high quality Ferodo Parking Brake Shoe.

You can save money by replacing the brake shoes yourself. The Ferodo Parking Brake Shoe Set has everything you need to replace that defective brake system and bring your vehicle back to safe running conditions again. Installation can be quite challenging, it requires you to jack up the rear of the vehicle and work under the car. If you're not comfortable doing this kind of work or don't feel confident enough that you could finish it, better take your ride to a professional mechanic to do the dirty work for you. Nonetheless, once a set of Ferodos are installed in your vehicle, you can just relax and drive that ride of yours knowing that you have a trusty brake system installed.