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Ferrari 328 Gts Parts and Ferrari 328 Gts Accessories

Why the Ferrari 328 GTS Rocks

  • It's hard to deny the success and legacy of the Ferrari 328 GTS. Produced between 1986 up to 1989, about 6,000 units of the 328 were sold. This makes it one of the best-selling Ferraris of all time.

  • The appeal of the Ferrari 328 GTS all starts with the car's looks. Penned by the renowned Pininfarina firm of Italy-whose specialty is in the design of cars-the soft and sleek body of the GTS instantly hooked anybody who caught a glimpse of the sports car. One wouldn't doubt the beauty and attractiveness of the Ferrari 328 GTS especially if it's painted in typical-Ferrari. The overall package was seen as a huge step away from the horrible sight of the Bretone-designed Ferrari GT4, released some time earlier, with its sharp and pointy edges.

  • A part of the Ferrari 328 GTS' success can be attributed to its status as a worthy successor to its predecessors: the equally iconic 308 (featured in the intro of Magnum P.I.) and the Dino 246. When these cars were new, their two-seater layout powered by a strong V8 engine was an instant hit. Drivability was highly commendable as well. Qualities like these became the cornerstone of the 328.

  • Similar in style and design, there are two details that differentiate a Ferrari 328 GTS from the 308. The 328 featured a stronger 3.2L, V8 engine while the 308 was limited to a smaller 3.0L. In terms of looks, it was easy to spot the new grill located at both ends of the 328.

  • The Ferrari 328 was, and still is, considered the best value-for-money car from the prancing horse. It was a powerful car with all the amenities one would expect from a luxury sports car, but only with an unintimidating price tag. It entry-level classification was the perfect car for anybody looking to buy their first Ferrari. Even old units are available still at a reasonable price.

  • Reliability is one of the high points of the Ferrari 328 GTS. Rarely would the car require major repairs. Other than routine maintenance and inspection from its owner, it is expected that the vehicle would last a long time. There are still second-hand units being sold today that are well maintained and working.

Ferrari 328 Gts Articles

  • Ferrari 328 GTS Problems

    The Ferrari 328 GTS is one of the iconic cars of the Italian make to come out of the 80s. The power from its V8 engine provides all the power while the carefully designed body gives the car its sleek looks. This 20-year old model still has the qualities of a good ride to drive and have for collectors and enthusiasts. However, there are certain issues one should be aware before going out and buying one:

    Front suspension

    For the 1986 models, there were reported problems regarding the front suspension. It seems the arms weren't designed to be strong enough to withstand a mild to moderate collision. The suspension had a tendency to bend and fail afterward. Handling was made difficult and the car became more uncontrollable than usual. If left unattended, it could eventually give way and had the potential to cause serious accidents. Ferrari has done a recall to over 1000 units to replace these faulty arms with thicker and stronger ones to improve the car's safety and reliability.

    Hoses and pipes

    There are issues with the hoses and pipes that run to the engine, cooling system, and fuel system. As far as those of the engine and radiator goes, oil may leak due to loose clamps and connectors. The loss of oil may lead to lessened lubrication and a decrease in engine performance. If the problem worsens, it may eventually require servicing a damaged engine. A simple replacement of the hoses, installation of tighter clamps and an oil-pressure check can solve the problem.

    For the fuel system, the rubber hose of the fuel line may be positioned closely to the discharge of the air conditioner compressor. This leads to damaging and chafing of the line which may result to fuel leaks. As a solution, not only should a bad hose be replaced, but it should be repositioned as well to prevent future problems.

    Cold starts

    The Ferrari 328 GTS is a very hassle-free car that requires minimal maintenance. If unused and left sitting in the garage for a long time, it always has a difficulty in starting. The engine misfires, fuel is all over the place, the battery becomes weak, and many other problems associated with a cold start. Simply drive the car frequently to avoid this type of problem. The car should run fine as long as it's used.