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Fidanza is the name to look for when it comes to flywheels.

Fidanza products pass through rigorous testing to ensure that only the best are delivered to its customers.

Fidanza aims to provide durable, reliable and high quality products to its clients.

Through the years, Fidanza has built its reputation for high quality products and superb customer service.

In 1989, Honda introduced to the world their VTEC engine, which debuted in the US in the form of the Acura NSX back in 1991. The technology of VTEC is pretty simple. It automatically lowers valve lift at low engine rpm (revolutions per minute) to save fuel, while increasing it at high rpm to match the performance of a racing engine. VTEC basically delivers power throughout the engine's rpm band. Now, for those of you whose cars don't run a VTEC engine, but want to be able to 'dial' (shift at different rpm) the power of your engine, then the Fidanza Camshaft Gear is what you need. It allows you to dial in your engine to match your own driving style or habits. You can adjust it by as much as 24 degrees, either to advance or retard the camshaft timing. Advancing it will give you low rpm power, which is great for city driving, while retarding it will give you power in higher rpm, similar to a racing engine. And with its beveled tooth edges, your timing belt or chain doesn't easily wear out on the Fidanza Camshaft Gear. The adjusting studs, nuts and lock-washers are all made of hardened stainless steel to keep from loosening at high engine speeds. If you're looking to turn your normal stock ride into a racing machine, this should be first on your shopping list. Have the ability to dial in your engine just like professional racers with the Fidanza Camshaft Gear.

On June 21, 2008, two-time National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) drag champion Scott Kalitta was fatally injured during a qualifying round of the NHRA Powerade Drag Racing Series. Since then, both drag racing officials and teams have worked hand in hand to make the sport a lot safer. But it will never erase the fact that something went wrong during that fateful day. Kalitta's engine exploded and his brakes could not stop his drag car. Why- Because the clutch failed, thus his wheels kept spinning. This is to illustrate the danger of a broken clutch cable. Upgrading to the Fidanza Clutch Cable will ensure this kind of incident never happens to you. Professional racers swear by Fidanza's quality clutch parts. Drivers of no less than Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions and Subaru Imprezas have tried and tested these products. Their findings- They can't find anything wrong with it! You should take note that these cars are all-wheel drives, which demand high torque on all four wheels in racing conditions. And yet, they find no change or difference in the way their clutch pedals feel since day one. Imagine what it can do to your car. With the Fidanza Clutch Cable, you'll never be afraid of the clutch failing on you... ever. Whether you're competing in a national drag competition, at a circuit event, or just plain drifting on parking lots or empty streets, your clutch will keep kicking no matter what. Listen to the professionals. Upgrade to the Fidanza Clutch Cable now!

In the world of racing, there lies a big difference between grip driving and drifting. In grip driving, as in Formula One, your car's as stable as possible while cornering. In drifting, as in Formula Drift, the point is to create enough oversteer to make your car's tail slide, which means you have to intentionally throw off its balance. According to the millions of drifters worldwide, it's tons more fun than grip driving. But here's the catch- it wears down your clutch much faster than in grip. So if you're into drifting, make sure you invest in the Fidanza Clutch Kit. There are a lot of quality clutch kits out there, but none as enduring or as professionally recognized as Fidanza's. Sure, there's the ultra-expensive Exedy clutch kits. But why would you spend so much if you can get the same durability and performance at less cost- If you're scoping the market for a professional clutch kit that's well within your money's reach, then this is it. It doesn't matter whether your engine is a V6 or a V10. This clutch will grip that flywheel at whatever engine speeds you're running. The Fidanza Clutch Kit is designed with the passionate racer in mind. Whether you're into drag, circuit or hardcore drifting, this kit will keep performing right from day one. No matter how many laps you've done, you won't get a change in clutch pedal feel. That's professional quality right there. You'll be burning tires with the Fidanza Clutch Kit.