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Flennor Automotive supplice replacement automotive which not only meet stringent OE specifications, but also comply with the company's own strict quality criteria. Their product line includes a complete range of belts, idler pulleys, steering components, wheel bearing sets, wiper blade, brakes and glow plugs for almost all automobile brands. Flennor products high quality timing belts for constant, synchronous power transmission. The Flennor Multi Rib Belt is a low-priced but high quality alternative to more expensive belts. Installation is effortless too! Browse our comprehensive online catalog for more information on our product selection.

Aside from belts, we also have the Flennor T-Belt Tensioner Pulley which performs like all of our other products: top-notch. It's made from high quality products that will surely last a long time, thus saving you money in the long term. It's also made from durable materials to prevent premature breakage. Finding out what other brands have to offer may be tempting, but imagine all the money you'll be wasting in purchasing them only to find out that they won't last long or just doesn't meet your expectations. That's why it's only wise and practical to get it right the first time, go for reputable brands with an established standard of quality.

The Flennor Drive Belt is the perfect replacement or should I say, upgrade, to your old defective one. Who says you can't expect exceptional performance from a low-priced product? These drive belts perform just like OEM parts, maybe even better. They are made from high quality durable materials that doesn't break easily. It also reduces slip which allows for the use of lower-ratio pulleys which in turn reduces the load on the engine, improves fuel economy and available power. The tendency of this belt to flip over in the pulley grove at high RPMs is virtually eliminated. They are easier to install, maintain and replaced compared to conventional belts.