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Want your car to achieve the highest horsepower and supreme exhaust quality? Thank your lucky stars as the Flowmaster Exhaust System is all set to deliver that and more/ With its' mandrel-bent, aluminized tubing and quality, the Flowmaster Exhaust System ensures your vehicle of superior exhaust gas flow.

Each Flowmaster Exhaust System is performance-tuned with acceptable sound levels from the exhaust, but you have the option to choose the specific Flowmaster Exhaust System sound type that suits you. Do you want your vehicle to provide much sound under acceleration but less sound while you are cruising? If so, the Flowmaster Force II exhaust System is perfect for you. If you don't want your car to produce high interior and exterior sound levels, then the Flowmaster Force III Exhaust System is fit for you. Lastly, if you dig loud, aggressive vehicle sound, then the Flowmaster American Thunder Exhaust System would be sure to satisfy you.

Included in the Flowmaster Exhaust System are a performance muffler, Flowmaster pipes with hangers attached, clamps and mounting hardware, and detailed installation instructions. You can also get a stock replacement Flowmaster Exhaust System.

What are you waiting for? Go for top-notch quality and get the best rides of your life. Order the Flowmaster Exhaust System with the Flowmaster Mufflers and Flowmaster Dual Exhaust now/

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  • Tips on Buying Flowmaster Mufflers & Exhaust

    Improve your engine's muscle and power. Use Flowmaster Mufflers and Flowmaster Exhaust Kits. The Flowmaster Exhaust System boosts your vehicle's efficiency and performance though its "scavenger technology." Flowmaster Exhaust Systems' "scavenger technology" removes spent gases out of your engine's cylinders more effectively than the standard open pipe systems. How does it all work? Flowmaster Exhaust Systems streamline air flow through each cylinder in your engine, maximizing fuel capacity to provide cleaner fuel mixtures for burning. The end result is that your vehicle gets better power, improved fuel economy, and a substantial cost savings. Another big advantage you gain when you use a Flowmaster Exhaust System is reduced noise. Its patented noise cancellation system splits exhaust energy sound and redirects it through alternative paths. These paths merge and absorb energy bounced off from each other, much like the colliding ripples in a pond. The absorption of the colliding energy paths cancels out each other, reducing noise.
    Flowmaster Mufflers come in all sizes and configurations to fit any type of car, whether it is a large truck, SUV, or towing vehicle. How does it do this? The Flowmaster Mufflers combine a combination of different airflow patterns that allow you to customize your vehicle's sound and performance. If you're in the mood for a noisier muffler, purchase a Flowmaster Muffler with cross-flow technology for an aggressive, throaty tone that rumbles inside and out. If you're not tickled with interior resonance but don't mind more exterior growl, consider going with a Flowmaster Muffler with Delta flow. Flowmaster's Delta Flow technology incorporates multiple defectors to eliminate the turbulence often found in single deflector models.
    The Flowmaster Dual Exhaust Systems are designed to uniquely fit your vehicle's needs, whether you want single side exit, single rear exit, dual rear exit, or a true dual exhaust system. Each Flowmaster Dual Exhaust System is created out of mandrel-bent, 16-guage aluminized steel tubing. Add in cross-over pipes, clamps, hangers, and stainless steel tips for an even smoother sound. The Flowmaster Dual Exhaust System features a model exclusively for "muscle trucks" to give your large truck a hot NASCAR look. Show off your car with a Flowmaster Dual Exhaust System/
    Whether you choose a Flowmaster Single or Dual Muffler System, rest assured that any Flowmaster Muffler you choose will be the right one for your vehicle. You will always get phenomenal performance, customized sound, and increased efficiency with a Flowmaster Muffler.

  • Flowmaster: Precision & Technology

    Damaged balance pipe and tail pipe need to be replaced at once; otherwise, the overall vehicle performance will be affected. Trust Flowmaster for replacements. Flowmaster provides competitive prices for all its products.
    Being chosen as the best is a great privilege. But that can only be proven if an award or a title is given; after all, this is a major indication of one's competence in something. This is the case with Flowmaster. Maybe you already know that it is an excellent manufacturer of exhaust parts. But being included in the CarDomain's People's Choice Awards as the Best Exhaust Manufacturer is a proof of how committed the company is to producing top-of-the-line products.
    But all that prestige is nothing if the awardee does not live up to the expectations of its customers. No wonder Flowmaster continues to strive to be the best player in the field. With two modern facilities in California and more than 250 workers, Flowmaster produces high-quality exhaust products. It also has unique Research & Design facilities that use SuperFlow SF-7100 engine dynamometer, complete with E.C.A. (engine cycle analysis) equipment and SuperFlow chassis dynos that can get the complete engine cycle in millionths of a second and the technical data of each degree of cam rotation. With these facilities, Flowmaster is able to manufacture exhaust components that will rev up the performance of your car.
    You don't need to worry about choosing which Flowmaster replacement exhaust parts to get because it has everything you need whether for Performance Street, Muscle cars, Trucks, Street Rods, RV's, Motorhomes, or race application. Also, all these can be easily acquired. For fast acquisition and delivery, online ordering is the best option. Flowmaster products are readily available in many online auto parts shops for your convenience.

  • Choosing the Right Flowmaster Product, For the Right Job

    Flowmaster dyno-tests all its exhaust systems to ensure the highest horsepower gains

    Whether you enjoy a raucous exhaust note or OE solitude, there's a Flowmaster exhaust for you

    Attention musclecar owners: Flowmaster can supply you with a 3" exhaust system that bolts right up to your vehicle

    Even if you don't need a full system, Flowmaster mufflers can provide that rich rumble and the impeccable build quality you demand

    The name American Thunder sums it up nicelythat's what the best-selling Flowmaster exhaust system is called, and it's only one of many different styles of Flowmaster exhaust systems available. If you haven't heard of the Flowmaster exhaust system before, let us fill you in on the details. The company began with a line of delta chamber mufflers that produced exceptional performance with acceptable sound levels from the exhaust. Since they knew they were onto something, Flowmaster decided to branch out and produce a full Flowmaster exhaust system for various cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Many years and a lot of research dollars later, every Flowmaster exhaust system is performance-tuned on the company's own dyno rig to provide the absolute best performance and longevity from a custom exhaust. Flowmaster knows not everyone wants the classic V8 rumble toothat's why they supply a Flowmaster exhaust system with toned-down sound too. You can even get a stock replacement Flowmaster exhaust system. No matter what sound you prefer, you'll always get mandrel-bent, aluminized tubing and Flowmaster's commitment to quality in every Flowmaster exhaust system.

    This is where it all started: Flowmaster mufflers were created 22 years ago, and the company has never looked back. Filling a need for high performance exhaust products that also produce a rich, mellow tone, Flowmaster mufflers utilize a series of dampers and chambers inside a fully-welded case to produce their signature sound. Thing is, these days there are lots of signature Flowmaster muffler sounds! That's because the company has reconfigured their Flowmaster mufflers in a variety of ways so you can tailor the sound of your vehicle's exhaust exactly the way you want it. You still get premium aluminized construction and fantastic performance from your Flowmaster mufflersyou just don't wake the neighbors up unless you want to. Flowmaster mufflers are each uniquely tailored for certain applications: Whether you have a Buick Nailhead or a Toyota 5MGE pushing your ride, there are Flowmaster mufflers made that can give you a showroom stock sound, a muscle car tone, or an import performance scream. All you need is your imagination and the right Flowmaster mufflers for the job.

    If one pipe is good, two must be great, right? That's the thought process behind some aftermarket dual exhaust systems, but the dirty little secret is that an exhaust system has to be precision-designed in order to take advantage of two big pipes dumping out the nasty stuff. That's why you should choose a Flowmaster dual exhaust system for your hot rod, muscle car, or performance ride. A Flowmaster dual exhaust system is engineered with the correct diameter pipes and crossovers to take advantage of everything that duals have to offer. The Flowmaster dual exhaust system you choose has been built using an engine dynamometer, allowing the engineers to tailor every aspect of your Flowmaster dual exhaust system for exceptional power production while still retaining acceptable noise attenuation. For longevity, every Flowmaster dual exhaust system is constructed of aluminized or stainless steel, and that rich, mellow Flowmaster sound is a characteristic of each Flowmaster dual exhaust system. The Flowmaster dual exhaust system has become the exhaust to beat in the aftermarket. Come find out why: Order a Flowmaster dual exhaust system for your car, truck, van, or SUV today.