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Muffler by Flowmaster

Are you looking for a muffler that will give your domestic or import car the deep, aggressive tone of power? Then the Flowmaster 40 Series Muffler may be your answer. And, if you are looking for improved engine performance, then the Flowmaster 40 Series is definitely for you.

With Flowmaster Super 40 Series Mufflers you get both performance and sound. Using Gen II Deltaflow Technology, this muffler series offers higher horsepower and improved exhaust quality over the original equipment manufacturer's muffler. The design also works to lower interior resonance while beefing up exterior sound.

Sounds good, right? And by making the choice to buy your new muffler from the Flowmaster 40 Series, you are also making the choice of quality and experience. For over 20 years Flowmaster has had a reputation for offering high quality products with a signature sound. When you buy a Flowmaster product, you also buy peace of mind.

Still have questions? Our friendly customer service department is eager to help. Just contact us online. Or just order your new muffler now. We will quickly ship your new Flowmaster 40 Series muffler right to your door so you can start enjoying that legendary sound and high quality performance for yourself.

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Flowmaster Muffler Articles

  • Flowmaster Series: 50 Series

    What good is having a big truck if you don't have a big sound to match? The Flowmaster 50 Series, another muffler in the well-known Flowmaster product line, is specifically designed to work with today's higher horsepower trucks.

    Designed to produce a deep, aggressive tone, the Flowmaster 50 Series Mufflers feature a 4.00-inch internal design, 16 gauge aluminized steel, and mig-welding for durability. These mufflers also come with various inlet/outlet configurations so you can choose the best design for your truck's needs.

    And, to achieve the rich sound of a Flowmaster muffler, this 50 Series utilizes the company's patented Delta Flow technology. This technology works to reduce interior sound while accentuating exterior sound. Aside form the unique exhaust sound, the Flowmaster 50 Series also offers you a way to improve your trucks performance. These mufflers produce more horsepower and torque than original equipment manufacturer's mufflers.

    So, if you are ready to take your big truck from tough to powerful, order your new Flowmaster 50 Series muffler today. And, if you need assistance choosing which configuration of the 50 series is right for you, you can contact our friendly customer service department online. Either way, once your new muffler is shipped to your door your truck will thank you.

  • Flowmaster Series: 60 Series

    Do you need a new muffler for your sport compact car or truck that will enable you to increase its power and torque? Are you also searching for a muffler that will give your vehicle a deep, aggressive tone? If so, you need to try the Flowmaster 60 Series. Flowmaster mufflers and exhaust systems are made to increase your vehicle's performance while providing a rich exhaust sound.

    The Flowmaster Super 60 Series Mufflers are designed with patented Delta Flow technology to deliver satisfying exhaust sounds for your car or truck. Plus, the larger diameter tailpipe will create a deeper interior and exterior tone. Combined, these design features guarantee the unique, aggressive sound you are looking for.

    And, of course, the Flowmaster 60 Series Muffler comes with all of the features you would expect from a Flowmaster muffler. Each muffler is constructed with 16 gauge aluminized steel and mig-welds for durability. And, the mandrel-bent tubing and direct exhaust paths work to increase your cars' performance and fuel economy. What more could you ask for?

    Don't wait, order your Flowmaster 60 Series muffler today. We have them in stock and ready to ship right now. And if you need further assistance, you can contact our knowledgeable customer service staff online. Do yourself, and your ride, a favor and order today.

  • Flowmaster Series: 70 Series

    You know the Flowmaster name. You know their reputation for producing mufflers with a loud, aggressive tone. But what do you do when you want the unmistakable sound of a Flowmaster muffler without the extremely loud exhaust sound? Well, you turn to the Flowmaster 70 Series, of course.

    With the Flowmaster 70 Series muffler you get a subtler, yet still recognizably rich tone. Designed with a large case, this muffler series offers added sound reduction for use on your car, truck or SUV. Plus, with the Flowmaster 70 Series Mufflers, you still get the tough construction and durability of the Flowmaster name. Made with 16 gauge aluminized steel and mig-welded for strength, these mufflers definitely deliver quality.

    And of course your Flowmaster 70 Series muffler will do more than just produce great sound. These mufflers help your engine produce more horsepower and more torque than their factory installed muffler. And, they have the added benefit of increasing fuel economy. All in all, the Flowmaster muffler just can't be beat.

    So, are you ready to try out a Flowmaster 70 series muffler for yourself? Contact our experienced customer service staff online for answers to your questions or just order your new muffler right now. With the Flowmaster name and our great prices, you will be glad that you did.

  • Flowmaster Series: 80 Series

    Shopping for a new muffler for your early or late model Camaro or Firebird? Flowmaster has the solution to your needs. Their Flowmaster 80 Series muffler was uniquely designed to work with and enhance these specific models. All the while still providing your ride with the distinctive Flowmaster sound.

    The Flowmaster 80 Series Mufflers are constructed for applications that require the muffler to be mounted transversely behind the rearend. This cross flow design allows a nice fit and works as an aftermarket replacement part for your original equipment manufacturer's muffler. And, of course, it is constructed for strength. By utilizing 16 gauge aluminized steel and mig-welds, this muffler offers guaranteed durability.

    And, the Flowmaster 80 Series is designed to produce that recognizable Flowmaster sound. Specifically designed with special baffles and acoustic chambers, this muffler reduces interior exhaust noise while still allowing the deep, aggressive tone of a Flowmaster muffler to resonate outside.

    So, if you are looking for rich sound, increased horsepower, better fuel economy, and a great price- look no further. We have the Flowmaster 80 Series muffler in stock and ready to be shipped to your door, Order today and start enjoying the sound of power on your Camaro or Firebird tomorrow.