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As part of the Holley performance family, Flow Tech exhaust products benefit from the company's years of research in automotive performance

Flow Tech headers feature all the latest design innovations including mandrel bent tubing and CNC formed flanges

Whatever you drive, from a diesel dually to an early Acura Integra, there are Flow Tech exhaust components available for your ride

Fully-welded seams and corrosion-resistant materials are just a few of the long life features that go into Flow Tech mufflers

We all know mandrel bending header pipes is the best way to ensure smooth airflow, and Flow Tech headers from Holley have mandrel bent primaries for just this reason. But how many companies then go to the trouble of mandrel forming the collector pipe? Flow Tech does, and that's why Flow Tech headers move more exhaust out of your engine than the competition. You'll find all the other performance goodies you've come to expect on premium headers on Flow Tech headers too: Thick, cold-rolled tubing, leak-proof ports with O-rings, and engineering that's guaranteed to get the most power and fuel economy out of your motor. And when you buy a set of Flow Tech headers, you won't be running to the parts store to get all the parts that were left out. Flow Tech headers come with all bolts, nuts, gaskets, and hardware to complete the installation. How's that for convenient? You'll find Flow Tech headers in several configurations to fit different types of vehicles. For example, there are smog-legal shorty Flow Tech headers, full-length Flow Tech headers, block-hugger Flow tech headers for tight spaces, and the innovative new Afterburner Flow Tech headers that are said to produce more power and torque than any other header on the market. So get the header advantage from a Holley performance brand: Flow Tech headers have the combination of price and quality you've been looking for.

Flow Tech exhaust components run the gamut from headers for Integras to cat-back systems for diesel trucks. In between, there's a great selection of high performance Flow Tech exhaust parts for Mustang and Camaro too. In fact, if you're the owner of one of these battling pony cars, be sure to check out what Flow Tech exhaust has for youbolt-on power gains are easier to achieve than you think when you choose a Warlock cat-back Flow Tech exhaust system. It's the same situation for truck owners. Flow Tech exhaust has the Fantom, Sidemounts, Truck Toobs, and Turboback exhaust systems available, all of which produce different sound and power characteristics. Those of you seeking the perfect muffler for your performance build can select from no fewer than eight muffler styles in the Flow Tech exhaust family, including glasspacks and stainless mufflers. And for the sport compact enthusiast, Flow Tech exhaust has the Airmass line of products, including headers, cat-back systems, and the ever-popular ThunderMuff muffler. Nope, it's not a movie on pay-per-view: ThunderMuff is a high-performance sport compact car muffler from Flow Tech exhaust that will boost low-end torque on peaky engines like the Type-R Integra and sound great doing it. So decide what your goals are with your car, then take a look at Flow Tech exhaust products. If you want powerful sound, improved torque, and good pricing, Flow Tech exhaust is the one to beat.

If you're one of those folks who likes to have a broad range of choices before them, you're going to love the Flow Tech mufflers line. Flow Tech mufflers come in more variations than any other exhaust product we can think of, to suit just about any taste and any budget. Let's start with the mean n nasty: Red Hots and Purple Hornies are the Flow Tech mufflers for you glasspack guys. These Flow Tech mufflers give you the straight-through sound of power that you've come to love from traditional glasspacks, but they also have modern features that makes them last longer. Next up are the ideal Flow Tech mufflers for weekend drag racers: The Warlock muffler has a block-off plate that can be used on the street for smooth, legal sound levels then removed on Friday nights for straight-pipe performance. These Flow Tech mufflers make it easy to open things up when the law doesn't apply. Finally, Afterburner, Raptor, and stainless steel Flow Tech mufflers are more conventional high-flow, moderate-noise mufflers to help you build a premium exhaust on your muscle car or classic. With features like welded cases, aluminized materials, and enormous tubes, these Flow Tech mufflers offer the best performance for your dollar of any muffler on the market today. With all this variety, we know you see something you like. Check out our selection of Flow Tech mufflers and find the right one for you today.

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