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Fog Lights

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Your car's lighting is important for your visibility as a driver. Hence, the importance of installing fog lights in your car to make you see the sides of your vehicle better and to improve your driving safety.
Mounted just below your car's headlights, fog lights provide a wider light dispersion pattern, which is particularly important during bad weather. Fog lights could disperse wider light without blinding you or the other drivers you pass by.
Fog lights come in various types and options, with different applications and hues to suit your driving needs. For instance, blue fog lights and amber fog lights improve your visibility during bad weather. These add style to your car as well. Regular fog lights normally have a range approximately the same as typical low beams. Most of the light is aimed at a level lower than the light of your low beam headlights. Higher-level fog lights such as LED fog lights contain precision crafted lens that keep all of the light low and directly below the eye level of oncoming drivers. With these types of fog lights, safety is taken a notch higher.
One important reminder when installing a fog light: make sure the beam is pointing in the right direction. This means it is aimed low enough in a path of vision that avoids the eyes of oncoming drivers.

Fog Light Articles

  • Fog Light: What Every Car Owner Should Know

    One of the most dangerous problems you can encounter on the road is losing adequate road visibility. This happens more often during the winter months, when fog scatters everywhere. Depending on its density, fog can reduce visibility to less than 1 kilometer. This makes it hard for your vehicle's headlights to fully illuminate the road ahead. That's why fog lights are now standard parts of every vehicle. Fog lights are designed to emit an intensified and much brighter illumination than ordinary headlights. The fog lights' brighter beam ensures you of sufficient road visibility, despite the presence of thick fogs. You don't want to compromise safety, right? So once your stock pair of fog lights starts to act up, get a fog light kit and equip your vehicle with a new set of fog lights. You're now at the perfect store to get a premium-quality fog light kit for your vehicle. We offer the cheapest prices online, so just take your pick at our catalogs!

    • Includes fog light assembly and needed wiring

    • Enhances road visibility during foggy conditions, once installed

    • Easy to install, no complicated wiring needed

  • Fog Light: Just the Facts

    In driving, nothing can be riskier than losing road visibility due to heavy rain or snow. Sure, headlights and windshield wipers can help you see the road ahead, but during extreme precipitation your safety greatly relies on having a reliable fog light. As the name implies, a fog light is used to enhance road visibility during foggy or misty conditions.Ideally, your vehicle must have front and rear fog lights. While the front fig light acts as the vehicle's headlight during foul weather conditions, the rear fog light makes your presence visible to the motorists after your vehicle.So, never compromise vehicle safety; replace your vehicle's faulty fog lights today.Auto Parts Deal offers the best fog light for your vehicle.

    • We offer halogen fog lights guaranteed to provide greater illumination.

    • Whether you are looking for Original Equipment (OE) or aftermarket fog lights, we have them all for you.

    • Fog light installation is definitely a perfect do-it-yourself project.

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Fog Light

    Are you having trouble seeing through the fog? Better equip your vehicle with these high-quality fog lights.
    Driving through low-light conditions can be such a hassle. The lack of light on the road lessens your visibility and increases the chances of an accident to happen. It's a good thing though your car is equipped with fog lights to compensate for this lack in visibility.
    Automotive fog lights act as a sidekick of sorts for your car's main headlights. They provide a beam of light strong enough to pierce through murky weather conditions such as fog or heavy downpour, and guide you safely while you drive. And since the weather can be unpredictable at times, it's best to have a good set of these fog lights installed on your car if fog lights didn't come standard with your vehicle.
    But of course, driving fog lights can also be damaged due to a number of reasons. They could get damaged while you drive or just give in to wear and long use. Once this happens, the logical solution to take is to find replacement fog lights for your car. And if you are getting a replacement, you can also take this chance to do some customization on your vehicle. Aside from replacement fog lights, there are also customized fog lights that are designed both for style and functionality. These lights keep you safe on the road, and give your car a style boost.