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Ford Alternator

Do you know which mechanical device is that which is known as the heart of the electrical system? You are right if you think of the alternator! It is a recognized fact that all of the electrical parts of all types of automobiles operate through the aid of their respective automobile batteries. It is in this area that the alternator comes into the scene. It is the job of the alternator to power charge the battery for it to continuously perform its designated function. A drained battery will surely leave out an unfulfilled function such as the loss of voltage.
The alternator is that belt-driven component that performs the function of converting mechanical energy into an alternating current. It is the one which takes charge of feeding and recharging the car batteries.

Ford alternators greatly manage to generate an output current into a lower rpm. Thus, the voltage gets a precise control. In one way or another, the alternator can be used as an alternative for car generators. With the use of alternators, there will be lesser maintenance required and less production budget needed.
Ford alternators are comprised of a rotor, a stator, a rectifier assembly, a pulley, and a set of brushes which are generally utilized for the maintenance of electrical contact with that of the rotor. An aluminum housing cages all of the components with the exception of the pulley. Today's modern cars are equipped with compact and electronic voltage regulators which are hence kept inside the alternator box.
The production of direct current that will recharge the battery and motorize that of the vehicular electrical loads is the prime duty of the Ford alternators just like any other alternator for any model and make of vehicle. How to check if the alternator components are in good shape? Every time there has been an oil change, it will be wise for you to check the alternator drive belt tension. Take note that if the drive belt tension is loose, then the output of the alternator will also tend to lessen and may actually drain the battery in no time. During the spring season, it is best to run down an alternator test coupled with a complete starting and battery test.