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Ford Aspire Clutch Cable

Useful Tips to Fix the Common Problems of Your Ford Aspire Clutch Cable

Clutch cables can cause different kinds of problems once they break. So before your Ford Aspire clutch cable goes bad, it's best that you know some of the common clutch cable problems. To help you prepare, here are some useful troubleshooting tips you should remember:

Stiff pedal

Once your clutch cable goes bad, you will have a hard time depressing the clutch pedal as the bad clutch cable will cause it to become hard and quite impossible to move. If you experience this problem for the first time, your initial reaction will be to press harder on your pedal. But you should remember that putting too much pressure on a stiff and resistive pedal will cause the clutch cable on your Aspire to break, forcing your pedal to stick to the floor. You would want to avoid this because you won't be able to bring the pedal back to its normal position, which only increases your risk of getting into an accident. The best thing to do if you experience this while driving is to pull over and get your car towed. Also, replacing your broken clutch cable is required.

Leaking cable

The clutch cable on your Aspire leaks once it's gone bad, so you need to check it to see if there are leaks present on the cable. Usually, though, your clutch cable may have just been detached, which is another reason for this problem. So when you inspect your car, check if the clutch cable is properly connected before you replace it because reconnecting it should easily solve this. Otherwise, it's best that you buy a new clutch cable and install it on your car as soon as possible.

Slipping clutch

Your faulty clutch cable can shift gears even without your knowledge. What happens here is your gear moves to another gear position once your clutch slips, causing your car to move on its own. You should immediately have your clutch cable checked if you notice that your clutch tends to slip frequently. Doing this will avoid any accident when you're driving and accelerating at high speeds because this problem usually happens during an engine overload. If the cable is proven to be at fault, you should simply change it.

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  • Helpful Tips to Make Your Ford Aspire Clutch Cable Last Longer

    Although your Ford Aspire clutch cable doesn't necessarily require you to clean or check it regularly, you still need to do some occasional inspections to make sure that you won't be driving with a dying clutch cable. For useful and simple maintenance tips, take note of the following:

    Spray degreaser on the cable.

    If you like everything in your car to be clean, you may also want to include your clutch cable to the list of parts you regularly maintain. Although it doesn't get as dirty as your other components, you can still spray some degreaser on the cable to remove any particles just like how motorcycle enthusiasts would clean their dirt bike clutch cable. Doing this will keep your clutch cable free of any dirt and debris.

    Pump in grease.

    If you want to extend the life of your clutch cable, you may want to pump new grease into the clutch cable tube. But keep in mind that this process can be quite difficult and messy, so make sure that you know the steps well. Also, you will need an injection needle and a grease gun to complete this task. But once you're done pumping grease, you can bet that your clutch will work much smoother and your clutch cable with live much longer.

    Wipe off the leaks.

    A leaking clutch cable is a sign that this part is no longer fit to be used on your car. And if you find your cable to be leaking grease, immediately wipe them using a cloth or a paper towel to prevent the grease from spreading to other components. But if you have previously injected your cable with grease, the leaks you're seeing can be the grease that you failed to wipe off during the injection process.

    Tighten the cable.

    Make sure that your clutch cable is properly connected to your transmission to make sure that it functions well. Also, if your cable is loose, its end may possible break, which will only cause different kinds of clutch problems. That's why it's important that you tighten your clutch cable as this is one way to maintain its good condition.