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Ford Brake Disc

The Ford brake disc is one of the more important components in the braking system, providing the surface upon which the brake pads perform their function. The brake pads are coated with a compound that is formulated to provide a grip on the Ford brake disc to produce friction, the force that stops the motion of the wheels as you step on the brake pedal in the vehicle. The brake caliper provides the motion to the brake pads, squeezing them against each side of the Ford brake disc with the use of a piston that is powered by the pressure of a hydraulic fluid system. The Ford brake disc is constructed of cast iron, and is made in several designs. The most common style of the Ford brake disc has a network of cooling fins sandwiched between the two smooth contact surfaces, added to dissipate the heat produced by the friction of the braking process. This is the style of Ford brake disc that is standard on most vehicle models. There are several other styles meant for better braking performance, such as the slotted or drilled designs. Both of these are designed to dissipate heat more efficiently for less risk of brake fade or disc warp due to overheating. The slotted style is made with shallow channels along the surface that wipe away used friction material shed from the brake pads for better performance. The drilled style includes a number of holes through its surface for heat dissipation and more efficient water shed. Our online catalog features a selection of Ford brake disc replacements, both standard and high performance. Our excellent prices and expert customer service will make ordering your Ford brake disc easy from either our secure site or our efficient toll-free phone line.