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Ford Brake Dust Shields

The stubborn black film that accumulates on the wheels of your vehicle tends to be very hard to remove, making you scrub away at the sticky mess endlessly to bring back the bright shine. Ford brake dust shields are the solution to all that hard work and wasted time. That film that stays put so stubbornly to dull the shine of your wheels is not just ordinary road dirt and grime, but the inevitable byproduct of the friction process that stops your vehicle when you step on the brake. The brake pads at each wheel of your vehicle are lined with a friction compound made up of metal filings, carbon, and strong adhesives. When you step on the brake pedal in your vehicle, the brake pads are squeezed unto the surface of the brake disc. The friction compound on the brake pads provides the strong grip necessary to stop the motion of the wheels. With every application of the brakes, a bit of the friction compound is shed by the brake pads against the brake disc, producing the sticky brake dust that soils your wheels. Ford brake dust shields deflect the brake dust, sending it away in the breeze before it can land on your wheels, sticking like glue with the adhesives it contains. With the simple installation of Ford brake dust shields, the problem of brake dust accumulation will be solved before it has a chance to cause damage and corrosion on your wheels. Our online catalog offers a selection of Ford brake dust shields at very affordable prices. Our expert customer service makes ordering your Ford brake dust shields quick and efficient, whether done on our well organized and secure site or our convenient toll-free phone line.

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