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Ford Brake Pad Set

Ford brake pads are essential to the disc brake system of your vehicle, directly responsible for stopping the motion of the wheels as you apply the brakes. Ford brake pads are pressed against the surface of the brake disc by the action of the brake caliper, using a system of hydraulic fluid to apply pressure with a piston to squeeze them onto each side of the disc. Lined with a friction compound that consists of carbon, metal shavings and adhesives, Ford brake pads grip the brake disc securely, working against the momentum of the wheels with the friction they produce to bring the vehicle to a stop. There are a number of friction compound formulations used in the manufacture of Ford brake pads, depending upon the brand of the pads and the use they are designed for. Some compounds are formulated to minimize the noise of the Ford brake pads as they contact the disc, tending to form a softer lining, while others are designed for extra durability in vehicles that see hard use. The lining of the Ford brake pads will wear away a bit with each application of the brakes, making their regular replacement necessary for good brake performance. The interval at which the Ford brake pads must be replaced can vary widely according to the friction compound used, and the use of the vehicle. Our online catalog features a selection of replacements for your Ford brake pads, all at very affordable prices. Ordering your Ford brake pads is quick and efficient if you use our secure site, or our great customer service makes our toll-free phone line just as convenient.