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Ford Bronco Soft Top

Caring Tips for the Ford Bronco Soft Top

After a long winter, you can't wait to go out and enjoy the sun again. It is time to open the garage again and warm up your Ford Bronco. The more you hear the burbling V8 inside, the more you want to leap into your SUV and drive away. A few minutes at idle is already enough because you are so eager to pull out of your garage. The light-hearted feel of spring is perfect for the Bronco sans roof. It's finally the moment you've been waiting for. You hit the road with a fine cruising speed. The wind gently blows through your Bronco, and it's quite a treat. But just a few miles later, your friends felt rain drops falling. You roll out your Ford Bronco soft top and got the thumbs up from friends. You must be doing something right to your top. Let's see how it matches our caring tips for the Ford Bronco soft top. Read along.

  • Get to know the material composition of your soft top better.

You have to understand that different materials react in various ways to elements. You do not expect any two soft top types to have absolutely similar properties with each other. Getting to know what material your soft top is made of will help you determine the products that best work on it. You can also determine the proper storage and cleaning methods based on your initial info.

  • Safe keep your Bronco in a dry garage as much as possible.

Having a good proper garage can improve the lifespan of your Ford Bronco. Why is that? It keeps your SUV away from elements. By now, you should know that different elements like moisture, dust, and sunlight are top factors that contribute to the deterioration of metal parts as well as other components like the soft top. Parking your Bronco inside the garage might take a little extra time but its benefits will be long term.

  • Include the soft top whenever you wash your Ford Bronco.

Treat your Ford Bronco to regular car washes. This includes putting some attention to the soft top. Rinse it with water before gently scrubbing it with a sponge.

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  • Tips on the Ford Bronco Soft Top Installation

    On the second day of your road trip, you decided to keep the Ford Bronco soft top on just to keep particles away from the interior of your SUV. Besides, it's alright evening and the wind is already chilly. Everything is cool until you felt something weird. It seems that the wind found a way into your Bronco. When you reached the motel, you tried to figure out what the problem is. Closer inspection led you to tiny holes in the soft top. Darn that hole! Well, you're still lucky that it didn't rain that night. You didn't have to worry about water getting into the interior. But you could have avoided travelling with a damaged soft top. Follow these tips so you can be able to change your Ford Bronco soft top quickly and without any issues.

    Tip #1: Know the average lifespan of the Ford Bronco soft top.

    Being able to have an idea of how long a Ford Bronco soft top lasts will help you prepare for a replacement. However, you should keep in mind that the lifespan may vary depending on how often you use your Bronco and soft top. But it doesn't end there. Other elements that can affect its lifespan are climate, location, and upkeep. After factoring everything, you should be able to have a rough estimate of how long your soft top will last you.

    Tip #2: Inspect the current condition of your soft top.

    You should do regular inspections on your soft top to keep a tab of its current condition. Soft top wear and tear manifests through cracks, discoloration, holes and haziness. Watch out for these symptoms before it gets worse. If you fail to spot these as soon as possible, then you risk getting soaked during a rainy day.

    Tip #3: Get the soft top that will match your Ford Bronco and adventures.

    Getting the right type of soft top ensures that you will be able to use it well in your adventures. Look for the specific soft top designed for the model year of your Ford Bronco. Also consider the applications you will be subjecting your Bronco to get the best kind of material for your SUV.