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Ford Contour Cornering Light

Usual Problems of Ford Contour Cornering Light and the Reasons behind Them

Your Ford Contour cornering lights are as important as your tail lights. They are both responsible for making your fellow road travelers aware of your impending actions so that they can adjust their vehicles' movements accordingly. When your cornering lights are in excellent condition, road accidents due to sudden turning or switching lanes will be minimized. But because your cornering lights are as exposed to harmful elements as your headlights and tail lights, they are bound to fail at some point. To help you prepare for your cornering lights' inevitable deterioration, here are some of the most common Ford Contour cornering light problems and their causes:

Cornering lights won't shut off

Most Ford Contour models are victims of faulty cornering lights that stay on even if the steering wheel already turned and the cornering light switch is already off. If your Ford Contour cornering light is having this problem, you may want to check the turn signal relay, which is connected to your vehicle's ICU. Try to unplug the relay from the ICU and see what happens. If the cornering light shuts off, you have a defective turn signal relay. You just need to replace it with a new one to solve this problem. Aside from the relay, a burnt light bulb can also cause the cornering light to stay on. The only difference is that when the light bulb is at fault, the cornering light is on and steady. In this case, replacing the cornering light bulb is the only solution.

Foggy cornering lights

The cornering lights of almost all Ford Contour models are amber in color. This color makes them less clear and less visible compared to your headlights, especially during the day when the sun is up. Sometimes, the situation gets worse when your cornering light assembly accumulates moisture inside the lenses. Water inside the covers causes the cornering lights to become foggy and hazy. It can also damage other components like the bulbs, sockets, and wiring harness. So when this happens, you need to get rid of the moisture as soon as possible.

Headlights blink when cornering lights are on

If your vehicle's cornering lights can make your headlights blink when they are both turned on, you probably have a wiring harness problem. Checking both the headlight and cornering light assemblies for damage in their electrical connections will help you determine whose wirings is in need for a repair or replacement. Apart from the wiring harness, it is also possible for the cornering lights' flasher to cause the blinking problem. However, since its effect is only limited to the turn signals or the cornering lights, headlight blinking or flickering due to the flasher is very rare. But of course, examining the flasher as well is still worth a try.

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  • Helpful Tips to Keep Your Ford Contour Cornering Light in Excellent Condition

    Although it is often neglected, your Ford Contour cornering light is an essential safety component of your vehicle. Aside from its aesthetic contributions, it is also responsible for warning other vehicles on the road of your impending movements. So if you don't want to use your hands as turn signals, you better keep these useful blinkers in tiptop shape. Here are a couple of helpful tips:

    Keep the cornering light covers water-tight.

    Just like the other exterior lighting components of your vehicle, the cornering lights are exposed to harmful elements on a regular basis. Among these detrimental elements, water is probably your lighting system's top enemy. When water seeps through your cornering light covers, they will become foggy or cloudy. If worse comes to worst, your bulbs and wiring harness can also be damaged. To avoid this, you need to keep your cornering light lenses sealed at all times. You can do this by securing them in place using a sturdy sealant. If your Ford Contour cornering light is incorporated in your headlight assembly, you may just weatherproof the headlight covers to guarantee your cornering light's protection against moisture buildup.

    Check the cornering light assembly components for damage.

    Keeping the cornering light assembly in good shape entails the proper maintenance of its individual components. These parts include the covers, bulbs, sockets, electrical connections, flasher, relay, and fuses. Since damage to any of these components can already compromise the performance of your cornering lights, you cannot afford to let any of them fail. If you check and examine them regularly for damage, you will be able to replace any broken part immediately before it causes the cornering lights to malfunction. Ideally, the light bulbs in your entire light assembly should be replaced once a year to maintain the quality and brightness of the light beams. For the electrical wirings, their efficiency in transporting power from the battery must be tested regularly using the volt meter.

    Clean both the exterior and interior of the cornering lights.

    Washing is probably the simplest form of maintenance, but it is also considered to be the most effective. Washing away road dirt and bug residues from your cornering light covers is essential not only in keeping them bright and clear but also in maintaining your Ford Contour's sleek appearance. Aside from the covers, cleaning the interior of the cornering light assembly is also advisable to get rid of moisture inside the lenses. It will allow you to clean and examine the bulbs, wiring harness, and sockets to promote better flow of power to your cornering lights. If cornering light covers are already dingy, it is advisable to use commercial lens cleaner or toothpaste and sand paper to restore their original state.