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Ford Crown Victoria Headlights

How to Troubleshoot Your Ford Crown Victoria Headlights

Driving in absolute darkness can seem like a scene from a horror movie since you don't know what's in front of you until your car hits it. Thankfully, though, you've got a pair of lights that help you see the road in front of you. With your Ford Crown Victoria headlights turned on, you'll also be able to handle going out in a downpour, a blizzard, or fog. However, it can be quite scary when you encounter a problem or two with these lights as you're driving through these rough weather conditions. But, don't let horrific scenarios run rampant in your head. Just keep calm, and wait until you're warm and dry in your garage before trying to troubleshoot your headlights.

Checking the headlights

Your Ford Crown Victoria headlight assemblies might be able to tell you what has caused them to stop working as they did before. For instance, flickering headlights might be caused by loose bulbs that you need to re-install. Meanwhile, if your headlight fixtures become foggy or clouded, then it could be because of having worn out plastic lenses that might need resurfacing. Alternatively, your headlights might be telling you that they have moisture behind their lenses so they need to be replaced. So, be sure to check the assembly first before doing other tests.

Checking the headlight's electrical circuit

Just like the other electrical equipment on your Ford Crown Victoria headlights has a circuit that you can begin checking with your fuse. Locate the fuse box and disconnect the headlight's fuse with a pair of fuse pullers so that you can inspect it. If you don't see any damages to the fuse, you can return it in place. You will have to check the other parts of the circuit to find which part might be need of replacing. But, if you see that the wiring has been frayed or if its plastic sheathing has been stripped, then you'll need to leave the replacement job to a professional. Finally, don't forget to check the strength of your battery's charge since this part can indicate a problem with itself or with your alternator

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  • Simple Ways of Maintaining Your Ford Crown Victoria

    Your Ford Crown Victoria headlights can help you see through rain, fog, snow, or darkness. That's why they're a part of your car's safety equipment. Ensure that they continue to shine brightly by following these simple tips:

    General preventive maintenance:

    Cleaning the headlights

    It might seem like a macho move to have a vehicle that looks "rugged" with dust building up on all the windows and mud sticking to the headlights. But, having dirty headlights can actually make it harder for you to see the beam and it might even produce an intense glare. So, give them a quick scrub whenever you're at the gas station and you'll be much safer for it.

    Changing the bulbs

    In much the same way that you would change your brake pads when they become thin, you should also change your headlight's bulbs when they start to go dim and before they burn out. In this way, you'll be able to prevent your bulbs from blowing out while you're driving in bad weather.

    Zooming in on the Lenses

    Checking for clarity

    Get down and stare at your Ford Crown Victoria so that you can check its headlight lenses for clarity. If you see that they've turned cloudy and yellowish, then you'll need to try restoring these plastic pieces back to its original crystal clearness. Otherwise, these foggy lenses will diffuse the beams of your headlights.

    Restoring the lenses

    All you need to do is to wet one of your lenses with extremely soapy water before gently buffing it with 1500-grit sandpaper that's been soaked in the soapy water. Make sure that the paper is wet so that it doesn't damage the lens too much. Finally, rinse and dry the lens and repeat the process on the other headlight.

    Focusing on the beams

    Testing the brightness

    Park your car so that it faces a flat, white wall and leave your headlights on so that you can test their beam for brightness and focus. Be sure that you're only leaving the headlights on and not the high beam or the fog lights. Now, look at the light on the wall and see if they're still bright and white. If you notice that they're becoming dimmer or yellower, then consider changing your Ford Crown Victoria headlight bulbs soon.

    Aiming the beams

    In the meantime, look at the wall again and make sure that both your bulbs are hitting the same spot on the wall. If they aren't, you'll need to move the adjusting screws around the headlights so that you can raise or lower one of the lights. Just be sure to keep them low enough so that they don't turn the drivers in front of you into road raging maniacs.