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Ford Distributor Cap

The Ford distributor cap is a component in the ignition system of your vehicle, helping in the process that carries high voltage spark to the engine. The engine needs three vital ingredients to produce engine combustion, the source of the power produced by the engine, which are fuel, oxygen, and spark. The fuel and air are drawn into the combustion chambers in a balanced mixture to be ignited by a high voltage spark from the ignition system, beginning the process of engine combustion. The high voltage that is used in the engine is produced by the coil and transmitted to the distributor by an insulated high voltage connection between these two components. The distributor rotor then passes on the voltage to a series of electrical contacts, one for each cylinder in the engine. The distributor rotor is mounted on the center shaft of the distributor, spinning inside the Ford distributor cap. As it rotates, the tip of the rotor sends an arc of voltage from the coil to each contact in turn, as it becomes aligned with it. This spark is then transmitted through the spark plug wires to the spark plug at each cylinder, which uses it to ignite the fuel and air mixture in the combustion chamber. Over time, the Ford distributor cap will become damaged by the high voltage spark it transmits, causing it to become less effective at its function. The Ford distributor cap will require regular replacement as a part of the vehicle tune up procedure. Our online catalog features a selection of Ford distributor cap replacements at great low prices. Our site is secure to make ordering your Ford distributor cap safe and easy or our toll-free phone line is just as convenient.