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Ford E-150 Parts and Ford E-150 Accessories

Things about the Ford E-150 that are Nice to Know

  • In October of 2009, Ford recalled several of its models, including the Ford E-150 produced 1992 and 2003, because of high risk of smoking, overheating, and even burning. The cruise control and anti-lock braking system were among the causes of these problems. Other models include Ford Excursion, Explorer, Windstar, Ranger, F-150 to F-450, and the rest of the E-series. The Mercury Mountaineer was also included in the recall. Initially, a total of 4.5 million cars were affected, but the number blew up to 15 million cars. This was one of the largest, most recent recalls in the history of automobiles.

  • The Ford E-150 is equipped with Ford's Crew Chief telematics system that is claimed to save fuel by up to 20%. The Ford Crew Chief is a fleet management tool that helps drivers in managing their vehicles and help managers in tracking their fleet in three areas of operation: diagnostic, vehicle location, and driver behavior.

  • Did you know that the 1999 Ford E-150 was one of the main vehicles used in the 2001 movie, Ocean's Eleven? Death Valley (2011) also used the 1999 Ford E-150. Other movies that featured the Ford E-150 include Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (2005), The Scorned (2002), All About Steve (2009), Just Like Heaven (2005), Sinner and Saints (2010), One for the Money (2012), The Chicago Code (2011), Limitless (2011), and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) among others.

  • The Ford E-150 and the Ford Econoline was also used in TV series including Seinfeld, Magnum, P.I., Ghost Whisperer, NCIS, Burn Notice, Sons of Anarchy, Knight Rider, Hawaii Five-O, and Malcolm in the Middle to name a few.

  • The Ford E-150 and the entire E-series fleet has been the standard for a full-size van. For more almost three decades, it is the best-selling vehicle in its class.

  • Intellichoice named the 2011 Ford E-150 as the 2009 Best Overall Value vehicle. It also received the 2010 Ideal Vehicle Award and Ideal Popular Brand & Top Brand Overall Award from AutoPacific. Edmunds named the Ford E-150 Most Wanted 2002 Best in its class.

Ford E-150 Articles

  • Ford E-150 Problems

    The Ford E-150 is a combination of strength and utility. Part of Ford's E-Series that was formerly known as the Econoline, the Ford E-150 belongs to a long line of full-size Ford vans that was first introduced as a compact van in 1961. Today, the Ford E-150 along with other variants of the E-series holds about 80% of the full-size van market in the U.S. Surely, if anyone is on the hunt for a full-size van, the E-series is the first and probably the only option. But before buying one, take note of the common problems associated with this vehicle so that any possible owner knows what to expect and make a wise decision:

    Fuel economy

    For its size, it is not surprising that the Ford E-150 consumes gas faster than anyone can consume a 12 oz. Frappuccino. The 13 mpg fuel range isn't the most desirable about this van. But what is another option? The thirstier Chevrolet Express with a fuel consumption of 11 mpg. No wonder why the E-series owns 80% of the full-size van market.

    Death wobble

    The problem with death wobbling, or the tendency of the front end of the vehicle to vibrate or rattle when it hits bumps on the road at high speed (40 to 50 mph), is that it is hard to repair since it involves the suspension system. While this case isn't unique to Ford vehicles riding on a truck platform, such as the E-series and the F-series, it leaves the ride and handling something to be desired. It can be dangerous too, since the vehicle may drift to either side and the steering wheel can be hard to control, plus the vehicle shakes and vibrates uncontrollably.


    Similar to the F-series the Ford E-150 suffers from excessive brake pedal travel. In some cases, the brake pedal goes down to the floor and would not operate correctly. This may be caused by a faulty master cylinder.

    Speed control

    Many reports claim that there are occasions where the accelerator pedal of the E-150 gets stuck. This can be dangerous as it will leave the driver no control over the speed of the vehicle.