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Ford E-150 Econoline Wiper Blade

Three Signs That Say It's Time to Change Ford E-150 Econoline Wiper Blades

It's important that the wiper blades of a Ford E-150 Econoline installed on your vehicle are always in good condition to swipe any water that blocks your view when driving. Their service life usually lasts from six months up to a year. Never change old wipers only when they are completely bust. Replace them before winter arrives to ensure you have a good set on your car for every time you need these most. There are a couple of signs that tell you it's time to change the blades of your E-150. Some can be seen in terms of the wiper's performance while others can be seen when inspecting the rubber itself. Here are the things that you should look for:

Squeaks and streaks

Wiper blades that squeak are very annoying to have. Along with this is some water left behind the arm after every swipe. Both of these result to a noisy wiper that doesn't properly clean the windshield. This is usually caused by dirt stuck on the blades. When this type of problem is at an early stage, it's still bearable. You can give it a quick remedy by wiping the rubber with paper towels. However, if it persists and wiping it doesn't work anymore, you're better off removing the blades and installing a new set.

Skips and stutters

Another sign of wiper blades needing replacement is if the ones on your Ford appear to jump and miss a bunch of steps along the way. A good set should sway side to side in a seamless, smooth, and free-flowing motion. Blades that skip and stutter mean that these don't fall flat on the windshield. This usually happens when the wipers aren't used or in the "park" position for a long time. Replace these at ones to return your wipers to their original condition.

Rubber alteration

Bad rubber on wiper blades can be seen clearly when you take a close look at these. Overexposed ones tend to harden and crack. Small tears and splits are also a sure sign that you need to throw away the old set on your Ford. If there's any point where the metal frame's already connecting with the windshield, get new blades immediately so that you don't get a scratched glass!

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  • Four Tips to Taking Care of Ford E-150 Econoline Wiper Blades

    Under rainy and unfavorable weather, the Ford E-150 Econoline's wiper blades are vital to maintaining your visibility while you drive. These rubber accessories sweep water on the windshield to the sides to give you a clear view of the road ahead. You want to keep these in good condition as long as possible to avoid difficulties and inconveniences. The following are four simple tips you can do to take care of your Ford's wiper blades. The ones on your vehicle should last at least around six months if you are able to regularly do these:

    Use paper towels on wiper blades.

    Clean the wiper blades with paper towels to get rid of small dirt stuck on the surface. Don't even think about using anything else. Wiping with any other materials, like dry rags and special cloth, is too abrasive on the rubber. This can result to unexpected wear, tear, and premature failure. You may also spray some WD40 if you need more strength in cleaning off tough stains.

    Check for proper blade-to-windshield contact.

    Avoid annoying squeaks and streaks because of loose wiper blades. They work best if the wiping surface is in total contact with the E-150's windshield. This ensures that water is properly swept to the sides when wipers are in use. You may need to adjust the mounting of the rubber to the arm to get the right tension.

    Don't use wiper blades as ice scrapers.

    Avoid using your Ford's wipers as a means to remove thick ice on the windshield. Limit these only for water. Insisting on these for ice is a sure way to damage and tear the rubber blades making them useless. Instead, use your vehicle's defroster first to soften the ice, get if off with an ice scraper when it's workable, and only then can you finish with the wiper to get rid of any remaining water particles.

    Clean the windshield.

    It's also important to clean the windshield when talking about taking care of wipers. This time, wipe with a dry rag. You can also use special cleaning formulas for better cleaning. The smooth, silky, and level glass ensures provides the blades a good surface to work on. The result is wipers that perfectly work and wipe for a very long time. If you decide to use cleaning agents, remember to remove any remaining formulas and dry the glass first before you return the wipers to the windshield.