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Ford E-350 Parts and Ford E-350 Accessories

6 Bits of Trivia about the Ford E-350

  • Proudly from Ohio. Ohio has been the home of the Ford E-350 vans as well as the entire Econoline vehicles since their debut in 1961. Ford's plant in Lorain was the original birth place of the E-350 vehicles until it closed in December of 2005. Since then, Ford E-350 parts and Ford E-350 accessories are assembled in Ford's plant in Avon Lake, Ohio.

  • The versatile van. Anyone can consider the Ford E-350 as an all-around vehicle. With its standard 15-person capacity and amazing towing capabilities, this well-loved full-size van has been converted for various purposes. Some of these E-350 transformations include a school bus, a disaster restoration vehicle, and a cut-away box truck van.

  • E-350 at 50. In 2011, The Ford E-Series, including the Ford E-350, celebrated its 50th year anniversary. To commemorate the vans' existence since 1961, Ford released a 50th anniversary edition. Sold as an XLT model, the E-350 and the other E-Series vans' premium package featured a metallic blue body paint, an "Econoline"-embroidered front seatbacks, and an elegant-looking "Econoline 50 Years" badge on the left side's rear cargo door.

  • Ever the winner. The Ford E-350, together with its siblings in the E-Series Econoline, carried the honor of being America's best-selling full-sized van for a whopping 31 consecutive years. Its winning streak began in 1980, and it now holds almost 80% of the full-size van sales in North America.

  • The fleet favorite. The Ford E-350 and the other E-Series models owe their 31-year victory to the fleet companies in the United States. According to the records, these fleet corporations and other commercial businesses love the E-350 and the Econoline vans so much that these companies constitute 95% of the vans' total sales.

  • Ford E-350 goes propane. In an effort to help the fleet companies to reduce their vehicle's fuel consumption and save at least $17,500 per van, a company called ROUSH Performance released a new version of Ford E-350 vans, which are powered by Propane. The Ford E-350 and the rest of the E-Series received ROUSH Performance's liquid propane injection system in 2010. This new technology is not only EPA certified, but it is also guaranteed to pass the SULEV II emissions standard.

Ford E-350 Articles

  • Ford E-350 Problems

    The E-350 is a full-size van produced by Ford as part of the award-winning E-Series or Econoline. This 15-seater or cargo van has been providing unparalleled towing and passenger services to fleets and business in North America for more than 50 years. Since 1961, Ford E-350 models have evolved significantly in terms of design, performance, and safety. The latest E-350 is packed with world-class features that focus on improving passenger comfort and safety. These include the AdvanceTrac traction and stability control system and the SYNC communication systems. With these features, more customers are encouraged to purchase this vehicle. However, potential car buyers should be aware of the usual problems encountered by most E-350 models so they will be prepared should they experience any of these.


    Tire and braking system troubles top the list of Ford E-350 models' most common problems. Blown out tires and separated treads are the usual complaints involving the tires. Braking system problems, on the other hand, include failure in the power brake feature of the vehicle. Drivers had to stop the vehicle manually by using both of their feet on the pedal.

    Another safety feature problem involves the front airbags and the seatbelts. A significant number of incidents were reported wherein the E-350's seatbelts failed, and the airbags did not engage during or after the collision.


    The E-350's ignition system is also one of the most common problem areas, and it is probably the most dangerous. Improperly installed spark plugs have been known to work themselves loose. These spark plugs also have the tendency to be blown out of the engine while the vehicle is moving. This dilemma, which is usually signaled by a loud explosion, can cause some gasoline to spill over the engine bay. This may also lead to conflagrations or explosions.

    Speed control

    Faulty speedometers and defective speed control switches are the most common dilemmas of Ford E-350 vans in terms of speed control. The van's speedometer has been known to fail at some point, which prevents the accurate monitoring of driving speed. As for the speed control switches, a recall involving a few hundred E-350 models were reported in 2001 because of a serious malfunction in the speed control system, which can cause it to catch fire.