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Ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagon Parts and Ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagon Accessories

The Six Things You Didn't Know about the Ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagon

  • If you're the type who likes to have a lot of space-or happens to have a very large family-this is the full-sized van to get. The Ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagon can comfortably seat 15 people. Note that we said comfortably-those 15 seats are perfectly spaced. In fact, if you just cram people in there, the number shoots up to 20 or so!

  • The Ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagon is quite the actor-it has featured in a staggering 805 movies, reality shows, documentaries, and serials since coming out in 1961. Need a large non-descript van to ferry about villains and their henchmen? Go with the Econoline. Need huge storage space to house your ghost hunting equipment or storm chasing stuff? Go with the Econoline. There was nothing bigger and better.

  • Customizability is another big thing that the Ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagon brings to the table. In certain parts of Europe, for example, it has been converted into a coaster or mini-bus that shuttles people between cities. If you take out all the seats in the back, you can even stick in a bed and transform it into a full-on camper. Some countries have even raised the Econoline, slapped on armor plating, and converted into a troop carrier.

  • Another curious thing with the Ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagon is that it has a terribly long name. But there's some history behind that. While consumption and fuel economy relative to a car is high, within its class, it was designed to perform and save fuel at the same time. Additionally, its versatility ensured that you could use it for any number of purposes that would normally require purchasing a vehicle of a different class.

  • A number of big American companies have used the Econoline and its many iterations since it came out in 1983. UPS and FedEx have both capitalized on the storage space-using the Econoline to make deliveries. AT&T and its predecessor Bell also used the Econoline for their service truck fleet.

  • Despite its great influence on the automotive world, the ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagon is slated to be succeeded in 2011. The funny thing is that the platform replacing it-the Transit developed by Ford of Europe-is actually older than the Econoline by a full two decades.

Ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagon Parts

Ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagon Articles

  • Top Two Troubles with the Ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagon

    It's a van! It's an ambulance! It's a camper! No, wait. It's the Ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagon. Yes, the E-350 is all those things and more. Which was the great thing about this great van-both figuratively and literally. It was cool for its versatility and truly huge in size to boot-that makes it one of the best-selling full-sized vans in America. Like anything ever made, it isn't totally perfect. So, here are the two most common gripes that consumers have had with the E-350. It's great to note that by "common" there really aren't that many problems with this classic.

    Funky Pistons & Cracked Blocks

    This serious but relatively rare problem is encountered in the newer 2006 E-350 at around 96,000 miles. It has only happened to a handful of people, and has not been a cause of any serious incidents-yet. It usually manifests itself with slowing of the van before shutting down and refusing to start. Potentially, however, if the failure occurs at faster speeds, it would be extremely dangerous. Strangely enough, the engine on the E-350 is generally well-received, and the problem seems to be an odd "lemon" as they used to call it.

    Unsurprisingly, no general recall orders were issued with regard to this specific problem, but dealers are the best bet for a replacement. Be warned, however, that the rarity of the problems has had many dealers turn down their customers, not realizing that the incident is, in fact, wholly due to a fault in workmanship.

    Tricky Tire Treads

    The 1996 E-350 and its Firestone Steeltex r4s tires are front and center in this much less serious gripe. Most reports focus on one tire, though others claim that nearly all four can be affected. The problem is that the tires experience tread-separation more rapidly than other brands-leading to a brief loss of control. Potentially dangerous as this is, it is far easier to solve than most other problems. A new set of tires-even aftermarket ones work here-solves the problem readily.