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Ford E-450 Super Duty Parts and Ford E-450 Super Duty Accessories

Six Cool Things You Didn't Know About the Ford E-450 Super Duty

  • The Ford E-450 is actually too "super" for its own good! This really heavy van caused quite a ruckus when it first came out due to the fact that it's tires had a nasty tendency to up and explode, causing-at best-a mild inconvenience and-at worst-a nasty accident. At first the wheels were blamed. The problem was, when they were tested on lighter vans, they worked fine. Eventually, everyone realized the obvious-the weight of the van was just too much. Succeeding releases sported stronger tire, and blow outs were no more.

  • This van is the only one in the world to be converted into a full-on school bus. And so, for a time, the Ford E-450 Super Duty served to ferry America's children to and from school. Some drivers even claimed that these "converts" were easier to handle than purpose-built buses!

  • While the Ford E-450 Super Duty is certainly heavy duty, the "Super" tag isn't meant to be a hyperbolic way of saying "heavy heavy duty". No, the "Super" tag refers to the fact that the E-450 can handle-and handle effectively-a dizzying array of roles: from bus, to coaster, to service vehicle, to camper, to even raised and armored troop carrier.

  • While customization jobs with the Ford E-450 Super Duty, Ford finally acknowledged the versatility of one of its best-seller by releasing a fully customized service truck in 2013. This they call the Cutaway, and it features a lot of compartments, roomy storage space in the rear, as well as space for painting on your business's signage.

  • A lot of the school buses in movies featuring school buses rely on the Ford E-450 Super Model platform-the latest one is the horror flick, Jeepers Creepers. The reasoning is the ease of handling and maintaining them as opposed to older buses.

  • With the exception of the Hummer-which truly is more of a tank, anyway-the Ford E-450 Super Duty is the world's heaviest in its class. It is a title that it is yet to relinquish to this day.

Ford E-450 Super Duty Articles

  • The Most Common Gripes with the Ford E-450 Super Duty

    Among the heavy hitters of the trucking world, the Ford E-450 certainly stands out. Its heft, rugged looks, dependability, and versatility certainly earned it its nickname "Super Duty"-it certainly went just beyond heavy duty work. Though barely over a decade old, the E-450 actually represents the natural evolution of the iconic Ford pickup and benefits from many decades of innovation and development. It's unsurprising, really, that there aren't that many complaints about this great truck. So while the following are the most common, the truth is that they affect a very small percentage. Still, it helps to be informed!

    Tired tire treads

    This problem is most commonly manifested in the very first iteration: the 1999 Ford E-450 Super Duty. The truth is that it has more to do with the Firestone Steeltex tires that it uses more than anything in the truck itself. What usually happens is rapid wearing-out and deterioration on the tread pattern of one or more tires which causes a dangerous loss of traction. The results are often not explosive and therein lies the problem-it's the type of problem that can creep up at the worst possible moment.

    The best solution is actually preventive maintenance-keeping the tires at the proper psi levels prevents this from happening. In the event that it has already occurred, it actually is more economical to replace the tires with heavy-duty aftermarket equivalents as these are normally much more durable-if slightly more costly.

    Engine hiccups

    A serious but rare problem affecting the 2007 E-450 is an engine shutdown when climbing uphill at 45,000 rpm. This problem was noticed at 16,000 km, and give no warning prior to its occurring-the "check engine" light doesn't flash. It's potentially very unsafe and contrary to what the E-450 is supposed to be purpose-built for. Again, it's a very rare occurrence and, as such, has not raised enough red flags to warrant a recall order. When faced with this problem, bring the truck to the dealer for inspection before it gets worse.