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Ford E350 Side Steps

What Causes the Ford E350 Side Steps to Fail?

The Ford E350 side steps or step bars are still one of the most favorite truck enhancements. They provide a more rugged and muscular look for your truck. They also possess a more practical use; they serve as stepladder so you can access the truck's passenger compartment with ease. Over time, these components fail and that happens because of several reasons. If you're currently experiencing some problems with your side steps, you must act quickly. Perform the following troubleshooting techniques that would let you determine the best solution to the problem.

Clunking noise

Loud clunking noise coming from the sides and from the back of the truck may mean that the side steps are wobbling while you're driving. It's possible that some bolts and screws are missing or they might be slowly loosening up. This happens a lot because the truck side steps are always exposed not just to shocks and vibrations, but also to stress and heavy weight. Therefore, it is always necessary to check the condition of the side steps. Tighten the bolts regularly to keep the side steps securely fixed in their rightful position.


Rust is one of the prominent side-step issues. No matter how much you want to eliminate it, corrosion is an inevitable thing among metal parts. It's almost impossible to eradicate it totally, but you can definitely do something to slow down rust formation. Painting is one of the tried and tested ways to prevent corrosion. You can also do this if you want to match the color of the side bars to the paint of the truck. If you have the money, you can also buy aluminum or chromed-steel bars. They are costly compared to stock parts, but they are definitely resistant to rust.

Side step falling off

When side bars keep on falling off, you need to review the installation method that you followed. When the side bars are not properly installed, there's a huge tendency for the bolts to get loose easily. That's why the right installation procedure matters. When you're not sure how to do it, you must always consult what the vehicle owner's manual says. Pay close attention to the mounting holes on the side bars and on the truck frame. They must be well-aligned, so you can fit the bolts snugly in place.

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  • Three Useful Tips in Keeping Your Ford E350 Side Steps Rust Free

    The side steps are one of the components in your Ford E350 that need utmost care and attention. Because they are mounted on the exterior of the truck, these side bars are exposed to harsh conditions day in and day out. Heat, moisture, and other factors can cause these side bars to get rusty. Eventually, these components will become weak, which will cost you a lot for the replacement. Good thing, there are efficient techniques that can inhibit corrosion. Here are some tips for you to combat rust and to prolong the service life of these side steps.

    • Keep your side steps well polished.
    • Applying a liberate amount of polish on your side steps helps provide luster to enhance the natural metallic color of aluminum or stainless-steel. Plus, there's no doubt that shiny bars look squeaky clean. Polishing chemicals also add a hint of protection to the metal bars by increasing their ability to resist water and moisture. For best results, apply polish once a month. Park the car in an open area when doing this to let the sun and wind dry the polish faster.
    • Paint the side steps.
    • Painting your Ford E350 side steps does not only protect them from rust; it also adds a style and color to your truck. But don't use just any other paint. You have to choose a paint that is used specifically for metals. You also need to use a primer first to make sure that the paint won't smudge. Don't forget to scrape off rust buildup before painting the surface of the bars. It's best to use a steel brush to knock off even the most stubborn rust around the edges of the side steps. Sand the surface of the bar after to achieve a smoother finish.
    • Put rubber on the side bars.
    • Adding a rubber pad on the side steps helps a lot in protecting them from water. It also provides a bit of friction to the steps so that when it rains, they won't be too slippery. Some side steps available in the market already have rubber padding. But if you want to add this component to your stock side bars, don't worry because the procedure is very easy.