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Ford Edge Floor Mats

Three Effective Methods for Cleaning Your Ford Edge Floor Mats

Floor mats come in different types, shapes, sizes, materials, and features. But despite their differences, they have something in common—they all get dirty in the long run no matter how resistant they are to dirt, spills, and stains. After putting them in place, it won’t be long until you’ll feel the need to wash and clean them, especially when you frequently travel with kids and pets or during snowy or rainy season when foot traffic usually brings in water, mud, and dirt.

As a vehicle owner, you must understand how important it is to keep your floor mats clean even before purchasing a set for your Ford Edge. Not only are they necessary in ensuring floor and carpet protection, but these mats also help maintain the clean and comfortable ambiance of your ride’s interior. Here are some simple methods that you can use to keep your Ford Edge floor mats in tiptop shape and extend their service life:

  • The dry-clean method

While this technique is commonly used for carpet mats, it can also be done on all types of mats provided that they don’t have stains and stubborn dirt. Dry cleaning can be done by simply scraping dust and dry dirt from the floor mats using a scrub brush. There are also specialized car vacuums that you can use for such purpose. You can either hang the mats while beating dust from them or you can just lay them flat while brushing out dust and dry debris. This can be done if you are in an area without direct water source or if the mats aren’t heavily soiled.

  • Soaking-in-detergent technique

Such method is ideal for heavily soiled carpet and all-weather Ford Edge floor mats. While it can also be done for rubber or vinyl mats, it isn’t the most recommended cleaning method for such mats as they can simply be washed with detergent or dry cleaned (if they aren’t too filthy). To pull this cleaning technique off, you have to place the floor mats in a huge container with water and laundry detergent solution, and allow them to soak overnight. This softens stubborn dirt on the mat surface, making it easy for you to wipe away excess grime. Allow the mats to dry completely before putting them back to their places in the vehicle’s floor.

  • The magic of power washing

This cleaning option works for any type of Ford Edge floor mats. The right way to do this is to first vacuum away the surface dirt and then brush away deep stains and stubborn dirt using rubber or carpet cleaner and a good-quality scrub brush. Hose off soap and cleaning residue. Rinsing will be more efficient if you’ll use a high-power water source, like hose or pressure washer. Allow the mats to dry completely to prevent formation of mold and mildew.‚Äč

All these methods are effective in bringing back the mint condition of your Ford Edge floor mats, but make sure to use the technique that works best for the type of mats you own and the type of dirt or grime you need to get rid of.

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