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Ford Edge Window Visor

Keep your Ford Edge Window Visor Clean with These Tips

The Blue Oval came up yet again with another SUV to its growing line-up. It is a bit of a deviation from the usual big brutish builds that the brand is known for. Now, we got another crossover SUV in the form of the Ford Edge. It seems perfect for active families and yuppies alike. So you grab the opportunity to get one for your regular travels. It suits well for your drives during summer and spring. You can roll down the window to enjoy the refreshing breeze on the road. But when rain and snow sets in, it is quite hard not to enjoy a drive with open windows. You risk having water droplets get into your interior. Now, there is an accessory that can change that. You end up installing the Ford Edge window visor to allow you to roll down your window even by just a little bit. And as you continue driving your crossover, the panel collects dirt and particles. This turns the glossy accessory into a dull, watermarked piece of plastic attached to your vehicle's window. Fortunately for you, a dirty window visor can always get a quick fix. Here is what you need to do if you want to preserve its condition for a long period of time.

  • When you give your crossover a car wash, do not forget about the window visor.

It is always a good habit to treat your Ford Edge to a regular car wash. That's supposed to include every panel that is regularly exposed to the outside elements. So you should count your window visor in. You start with rinsing the panel with a steady stream of clean water. This should push off the dirt build-up on the surface. Once the dirt is loose, you can go for a gentle scrub. Use a wash mitt soaked in a mixture of car shampoo and water. Apply the mix to the window visor in back and forth motion. Don't forget to rinse the suds.

  • Wipe your window visor with a clean cloth to remove watermarks.

Keep the window visor looking clean by wiping it with a clean cloth. This removes watermarks and other smudges on the surface.

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  • Installation Basics for the Ford Edge Window Visor

    For someone who is always down for adventures in the city and the countryside, you can find great fun when you get to drive the Ford Edge. This mid-sized crossover sports utility vehicle is one of the Blue Oval's younger models offered in its current line-up. It has great styling and the body lines flows very well making it look almost streamlined. But its design does not make the crossover repellant to the entry of water whenever you roll down the window even just a tiny bit. So this issue leads to you to consider having a Ford Edge window visor. This plastic panel extends over a couple of inches from the body of your SUV to allow you to partially open your windows without inviting water to the interior. Depending on how you look at it, the lack of a window visor in the stock production of the vehicle can be a bummer. But when you look at the bright side, you will be able to choose from a number of varieties of this product for your Edge. So think about it well. Should you choose to install it on your vehicle, here are some easy steps on how you can successfully mount the panel to your Ford Edge.

    Tip #1: Narrow down your choices to those that will suit your vehicle the best.

    There are some varieties of window visors out in the market. You would want to pick out the best for your vehicle. To do that, you have to narrow down your selection to those designed specifically for your vehicle.

    Tip #2: Ready the materials needed for the installation.

    Mounting the window visor is fairly simple. It will only involve the panel, adhesive, and cloth. Lay them out in an organized fashion so you can access them very quickly.

    Tip #3: Clean the surface where you will be mounting the window visor.

    A successful installation will rely on the effectiveness of the adhesive. For this, you will have to thoroughly clean the areas around your window well. This will eliminate particles that can get caught and weaken the adhesive. After that, you can mount away!