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Ford Escape Bumper Cover

Tips on How to Maintain the Ford Escape Bumper Cover

Keeping the bumper of your Ford Escape in top condition can go a long way in prolonging its service life. Constant exposure to harsh weather and road conditions can quickly damage or exacerbate wear of the bumper cover, but regular maintenance can effectively prevent this from happening. The following are some essential tips to follow in maintaining the Ford Escape bumper cover.

  • Wash the bumpers by hand.

Regular washing can keep the bumper cover looking pristine and prevent scratches caused by mud and debris that can stick to the bumper surface. And while a drive-in car wash can definitely clean bumper covers, it's better to wash them by hand for a gentler yet more thorough cleaning. You can use your preferred car shampoo mixed with lukewarm water for and a wash mitt or a soft microfiber cloth to thoroughly apply the cleaning solution without the scratching the paint.

  • Fix minor scratches with rubbing compound.

Scratches and scuffs are the most common forms of damage for bumpers, and they can be quite an ugly sight to behold. But if the scratch is just on the surface and did not penetrate the paint of the bumper cover, it may still be fixed using rubbing compound. Also known as a polishing compound or a scratch remover, rubbing compound is a mild abrasive that can grind off the scratched layers of paint. Apply the compound onto the scratched area with a paper towel and buff in a circular motion using a microfiber towel. You can also use an orbital sander with a wool pad.

  • Use filler to treat deeper scratches.

If the scratches are particularly deep, you will need to add filler onto the damaged area. You can go for fiberglass-reinforced filler, as it is tougher and more durable compared to other types of automotive filler. Make sure to apply the filler in thin layers and allow it to dry in between applications. Placing a patch of auto repair cloth or mesh soaked in body filler solution at the back of the damaged area will further add strength to the filler. Once it has dried, sand and repaint the area.

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  • How to Install a New Ford Escape Bumper Cover: 3 Essential Tips

    Most dents, cracks, and scuff on the bumper cover of your Ford Escape can still be remedied, but if the damage is severe, the best option is replacement. Luckily, finding a replacement Ford Escape bumper cover nowadays is a lot easier compared to how it was a decade ago; installing is not that hard either. In most instances, putting on a new bumper cover will only take as little as half a day and will require tools that you can find in most garages today. Below are some key tips to follow when installing a new bumper cover on the Ford Escape:

    Tip #1: Loosen up the lug nuts with a bit of penetrating oil.

    The bumper cover is held in place by several lug nuts that secure it tightly onto the frame. And while this may be a good thing if you want to prevent the bumper from falling off, these nuts can become stubborn and difficult to loosen over time. If the nuts are particularly uncooperative, try spraying them with penetrating oil and let it sit for several minutes before trying again. The oil should seep through the gaps, minimizing friction and hopefully reducing the amount of force needed to loosen the nuts.

    Tip #2: Use an auto trim clip remover to pry out plastic rivets.

    Aside from lug nuts, the bumper is also affixed to the SUV with plastic retaining rivets. These rivets can be pried off using a flat-blade screwdriver, but this tool might also damage the rivet. The best way to go is to use a trim clip remover. Specially designed to remove the various plastic rivets and clips found in the bumper and other parts of the vehicle, the clip remover can safely and quickly remove the rivets without harming the plastic. This specialized tool can be found in auto parts and hardware stores as well as in websites that sell such parts online.

    Tip #3: Pre-fit the new cover.

    Even a custom-made bumper may still require some adjustment and modifications to fit well in place, so it is important to trial-fit the bumper first before securing it in place. With the old bumper removed, have someone help you lift the bumper from both ends and place it on the vehicle. As a rule of thumb, the bumper should align with the SUV's other body panels; neither should stick farther out than the other.