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Ford Escape Floor Mats

Tips When Washing your Ford Escape Floor Mats

Washing your Ford Escape floor mats require some elbow grease, plenty of water, and the right cleaning products. To help you keep your floor mats neat and clean, here are some tips you can check out:

  • Don’t use chlorine-based products.

Chlorine is a very harsh ingredient that can easily wear out your floor mats. Colored mats can easily fade when washed with chlorine-based cleaners, making them look a few years older.

  • Arm yourself with the right tools.

A scrub brush, car vacuum, and scrub brush are handy tools that can make any washing or cleaning task more manageable. A scrub brush can help you get rid of stains on larger areas, while an old toothbrush is perfect for those small, grimy spots. As for the car vacuum, a hand-held type is a nifty tool for dry cleaning or for spot cleaning.

  • Soak heavily stained mats.

For heavy stains, soak the mats in a detergent-and-water mixture. Simply fill a pail or basin with water and laundry soap and let the mats soak for several hours. This way, the soap gets into the fabric to effectively dissolve stain and grime.

  • Air dry the mats.

A moist environment leads to mold and mildew growth. To prevent moldy spots from appearing on your Ford Escape floor mats, let them air dry completely in a well-ventilated area.

  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

When air drying your mats, avoid exposing them to direct sunlight since this can cause the colors to easily fade after a few washes.

  • Get the measurements right when making your own cleaning solution.

There are plenty of kitchen ingredients you can use to wash your mats. These include lemon juice, borax, salt, and dishwashing liquid. However, make sure there’s enough water to dilute the solution. Using too much of these ingredients can have an adverse effect on the mats’ materials.

  • Never use sharp objects to scrape off dirt.

When scraping off dirt, use a scrub brush or tooth brush. Never use sharp, pointy objects since these can easily puncture holes and easily fray the threads of the mats.

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