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Ford Escort Zx2 Parts and Ford Escort Zx2 Accessories

Fascinating Facts about the Ford Escort Zx2

  • 1997 ushered in an all-new Ford Escort. Shedding off its hatchback look, the Escort transformed into a sporty coupe. Ford made this move to create a niche among a younger market. This made a lot of sense since there were people who wanted to drive a stylish automobile that can perform well yet won't cost too much. And so the Escort was redesigned, which paved the way for the Ford Escort Zx2. It proved to be a smart move, as it grew really popular among young drivers.
  • The Ford Escort Zx2 was considered as the successor of the Ford Probe, which was a sport compact car. However, because the Escort Zx2 was targeted at a younger generation of drivers, it also served as the replacement for the Ford Escort GT.
  • This sports coupe was entirely built at Ford's assembly plant at Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.
  • Ford also offered a limited number of the Escort Zx2's performance model, which was known as Zx2 S/R. It was the first ever joint project of Ford Racing and Ford Motor Company's Small Vehicle Center Product Development. Also, the Zx2 S/R was launched at the SEMA Import Auto Salon in the late 1990s.
  • The first two units of the performance version of the Ford Escort Zx2 was sold in Columbus, Ohio and the next 108 in Southern California. However, the Zx2 S/R did not gain popularity in Canada. Out of the 2,110 units manufactured, only 35 were purchased in Canada.
  • In 2001, the Ford Escort Zx2 was only available in fleet sales. And by 2003, its moniker “Escort” was officially dropped and simply became “Zx2.” This was also the time when the Zx2 was completely revamped. And not long after, Ford decided to remove the Zx2 from its original lineup due to low sales.
  • The Ford Escort, which was the predecessor of the sporty Escort Zx2, was actually the first front-wheel drive that Ford built in North America. It also holds the record of being one of the first Ford vehicles that featured a distributorless ignition, which was better known as EDIS or Electronic Distributorless Ignition.

Ford Escort Zx2 Articles

  • Ford Escort Zx2 Problems

    In 1997, the Ford Escort Zx2 was brought in as the third generation of the Ford Escort. It was considered as the replacement for the Ford Probe when it was redesigned as a sports coupe. However, the Escort Zx2 was mostly marketed to the youth and as the successor of the Escort GT. It was powered by a 2.0-L engine capable of generating 130 horsepower. The Ford Escort Zx2 enjoyed a laudable reputation during its entire run, but having problems with any automobile is just inevitable. The following are the usual defects that Zx2 drivers observe in this car:

    Engine problems

    The most common issue regarding the Ford Escort Zx2 engine is the problem with the valve seat. This component easily gets separated from the cylinder head, causing an unusual sound that resembles lifter noise. What's causing the valve seat to move, though, could be its poor design. If this problem remains unfixed, the valve seat would eventually loosen and bits of shrapnel could possibly drop into one of the engine cylinders. As a result, the motor becomes at risk of serious damage.

    Another problem that may be apparent in the Escort Zx2's engine is the oil, which quickly turns into black after just a short span of time.

    Faulty AC/heater

    The problem with the Ford Escort Zx2's AC/heater is due to the failure of the circuit to engage the AC compressor clutch. If it would be looked at more closely, the root cause is actually a poor or broken connection that one of the circuit board relays developed. Thus, the AC/heater operation gets affected and becomes intermittent. Sometimes, it even fails completely. However, don't be disheartened because this problem can still be corrected. The CCRM (Constant Control Relay Module) can either be repaired or replaced. This unit is basically a metal housing that contains the circuit board and the relays.

    Defective seat belt

    Ford initiated a recall for the Escort Zx2's seat belts that wouldn't lock. This flaw was definitely a threat to safety and could mean the lives of passengers. Seat belt buckle assemblies were also found to be improperly heat treated and failed to meet the load-bearing requirement.