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Ford Excursion Brake Disc

Identifying the Problems Afflicting Your Ford Excursion Brake Pads

There are so many things that can go wrong with a Ford Excursion brake disc. Despite that, it is important to learn about some of the most common problems so you can diagnose them successfully whenever they strike. Read on to learn about some common brake disc problems and their causes.

Vibrations occur whenever the brake lever is depressed.

If it's been some time since you've last replaced your brake pads, it means that they have probably worn out. They must be replaced immediately in such case to prevent any damage to the brake disc. If you've recently replaced your brake pads, then they are still probably bedding-in. If the problem persists though, your brake disc probably has an uneven surface that needs to be machined.

The brake pedal shudders or pulsates when it is depressed.

This problem is also a symptom of an uneven brake disc surface. In this situation, just machine the surface as usual. A more serious problem is a warped disc, which means that the problem is structural. If this is the case, you will need to replace the whole brake disc.

The Ford Excursion moves to one side when braking.

If your vehicle moves to one side when braking, then one of your brakes have malfunctioned. This is usually caused by a stuck brake caliper. This prevents the caliper from clamping down on your brake disc and stopping the vehicle.

Stopping distance has increased.

There is a myriad of reasons why this occurs; you will just have to pay attention to any other symptoms that appear. If you feel vibrations or if the brake pedal pulsates, then you've got an uneven or warped brake disc or a worn out brake pad. Spongy brake means a problem with the brake lines and hard brakes means seized calipers.

The steering wheel of the Ford Excusrion shakes when stepping on the brakes.

A vibrating steering wheel means that there is a problem with the brake discs on the front. Either their surface is rough or they are warped beyond any reasonable repair. Have them resurfaced as needed or replace them instead.

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  • What to Know When Taking Care of Your Ford Excursion Brake Disc

    No one wants the brakes of their Ford Excursion to fail when they need it most; that is why they should always be kept in tip-top condition. The brake disc is one particular component you must pay special attention to. This, along with the brake pad, ensures that your vehicle stops when needed. Read on to learn more about Ford Excursion brake disc maintenance.

    • Inspect your brake discs at least twice a year.
    • A visual inspection of the brake discs is usually enough to catch most problems. Take note of caliper misalignments, uneven surface rotors, worn-out brake pads, and warped brake discs. Inspections should be done at least twice a year, but don't hesitate to check them out any time you feel something is wrong with the brakes.
    • Have your brake discs resurfaced if needed.
    • In the course of the brake disc's life, its surface may become rough and uneven. This usually happens to all brake discs and is impossible to eliminate completely. Unfortunately, brake pads will be unable to bite into the uneven surface of a brake disk and will result in an increased stopping distance for the Ford Excursion. To prevent this from happening, you will have to resurface your brake discs. This will smoothen the surface of the disc just like when it was new, allowing full contact with the brake pads and restoring normal brake function. A special tool is needed for the resurfacing process, but instead of buying the tool, you can bring it to the nearest automobile shop instead. Be warned though that resurfacing the brake disk essentially removes a tiny layer of the material. If the brake disc has been worn down to its bare minimum, it might be better to replace it instead.
    • Replace the brake pads immediately when needed.
    • Brake pads don't last forever, a fact that is lost to most automobile amateurs. After the whole pad wears off, the only thing that will be biting down on the brake disc is metal. Drivers will usually feel weird vibrations or hear a grinding noise whenever they step on the brakes. If they don't remedy the situation soon, the entire surface of the disc will grind off and will need to be replaced. When the pads are worn down, the Excursion's brake warning light will usually turn on. Alternatively, some brake pads are built to give out a screeching sound when this happens. In both cases, the pads must immediately be replaced.