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Ford Excursion Bumpers

Proper Diagnosis of Ford Excursion Bumpers

The Ford Excursion is a full-size SUV that was designed for holding large interior cargo and towing heavy equipment. As such, you can expect that it has heavy-duty components. One of these durable car parts is included in its safety features. Ford Excursion bumpers are among the sturdiest kind there are. If you have experienced having an unfortunate accident with your Excursion, you may want to check how to repair or replace it. Otherwise, you may end up with persisting problems with it in the future. Listed here are some common problems with Ford Excursion bumpers and how to diagnose them properly.

Sagging bumpers

Naturally, gravity will eventually make your Ford Excursion bumpers sag. Old age-besides accidents, of course-is the main culprit for sagging bumpers. Aside from those factors, check if water has accumulated in the energy-absorbing foam. The weight of the water adds to the weight of the bumper and causes it to sag. Sagging pulls at the mounting bolts and eventually causes the bumper to come loose. You can solve this by installing washers on the bumper's bolts. Having the inside of your bumper painted to keep moisture out is recommended as well.

Rattling sounds coming from the bumper

Loose mounting bolts become a common problem for Excursion owners who have installed a replacement bumper improperly. This might cause the bumper to loosen and make rattling sounds. Locate the two center mounting bolts and two side mounting bolts of the bumper. If any of these have gone loose during a fender bender, simply tightening them will solve the problem. However, look into replacement if any of them have been damaged.

Bumper dents and scratches

A fender bender or even light contact will cause some minor dents and scratches on your bumper. It is made of plastic material, which is prone to damage even with the smallest amount of force. Small paint scratches might just need buffing in the damaged area with a rubbing compound. WD-40 or even a nail polish remover can also be used, but be wary that chemicals should be used sparingly to avoid damaging the underlying paint.

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  • Proper Maintenance of Ford Excursion Bumpers

    Your Ford Excursion is a reliable machine that has heavy-duty parts. The performance of these parts may be compromised, however, when you have a malfunctioning bumper. Ford Excursion bumpers are some of the toughest bumpers out there, but if they sag, rattle a lot, or are corroded, they may not be able to do their job well. This includes protecting the engine and other parts in the front of the vehicle during a minor crash. Learning how to maintain your bumper in good shape can save you a lot of money in future repairs. Here are some tips on how to keep your bumper.

    Avoid stepping on the bumper when reaching for something under the hood or at the back of your vehicle.

    For front bumpers, use a stool when you can't reach a part you have to check or fix. For rear bumpers, this is what a hitch step is for. Do not make it a habit of stepping on your bumpers, as this may cause them to produce rattling sounds in the future. Besides eventually sagging, the mounting bolts that hold the bumper in place may also come loose.

    Do repair work as soon after the damage has occurred as possible.

    Removing dents in plastic bumpers is not as difficult as hammering other metal body parts back to their original shape. So when the bumper gets damaged, work on repairing it as soon as possible. Plastics and metals have a shape memory, and this makes repairs more difficult over time. Remember to perform the repair in warm weather, as heat can provide an advantage. It makes the bumper material easier to put back to its original shape.

    Don't forget to clean the bumper's interior and around the mounts.

    Too often, cleaning the bumper's interior is neglected. You might think that the exterior is the only thing that can be seen from the outside, anyway. However, corrosion can happen on the inside of the bumper and can cause the mounting bolts to rust and fail at keeping the bumper in place. Thoroughly clear the bumper's interior and reinforcement bar to help your bumper live longer.