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Ford Expedition Door Handle

Some Ford Expedition Door Handle Issues You Should Know

You may not have given it any thought when you purchased your SUV, but your Ford Expedition door handle is more than just an accouterment for your vehicle. It's the first part of your SUV that you operate-without it, you won't be able to get in and out of your automobile. Because of frequent use, an automotive door handle easily breaks down. Here are some ways on how you can troubleshoot and fix on your own some of the problems on your Ford Expedition door handle:

Broken door handle

Most automotive door handles are made from plastic. The flimsy material often succumbs to breakage due to frequent use and too much pressure on the handles. If part of the handle is still intact, you can apply heated glue to attach the broken part to the other piece of the handle. Make sure that you wait for the glue to dry completely before you attempt to open your vehicle using the mended handle. However, if the handle is completely detached, a replacement will be needed to avoid further inconveniences. You need to loosen the screws that connect the handle to the doorframe.

Stuck door handle

If you can't open or close your SUV door because the handle is stuck, you just might have a problem with loose or broken rods. Tightening a loose rod or replacing a broken one should fix the problem. You can gain access to the rod through the inside door handle. Twisting the rods should help in releasing them from the door latch. Sometimes, the rods may only need lubrication in order to operate properly. In this case, applying a lubricant like the WD-40 should help. If none of these things works, inspect the door latch for problems. A stuck door latch is common among older vehicles, but it can also happen to newer models especially if you use too much force in opening or closing your vehicle's doors. A scraping or squeaking sound is one of the signs that the door latch may be defective. Apply some lubricant to the latch and use a screwdriver to put the latch back into position.

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  • A Few Tips to Make Your Ford Expedition Door Handle Last Longer

    Flimsy and easily scratched, a vehicle door handle is often overlooked as an important part of an automobile. It wears out faster than any other exterior part of your SUV due to frequent use. When your Ford Expedition door handle becomes damaged, getting in and out of your vehicle would be a big challenge. Moreover, your SUV won't have the same fierce look that it once had without the door handle on. Keep your SUV's door handles in excellent condition with the following tips:

    Use a clay bar to remove unseen dirt particles from the door handles.

    Washing the door handles with soap and water may remove grime on the surface. However, contaminants are usually left behind and become embedded in the paint. You'll know there are impurities left when there's a sandy texture on the door handles even after you've thoroughly washed and wiped them dry. A clay bar acts like a magnet that picks up whatever debris is left on the door handles. To use it, simply knead the clay bar until it's soft and slide it along the door handles. Make sure, though, that you apply a lubricant on the surface of the door handles to prevent the clay bar from sticking.

    Remove the scratches around the door handle with a polish and glaze.

    Fingernails, car keys, and car washing can leave scratches on the door handles' surface. Although scrapes do not necessarily affect the door handles' performance, they look rather unsightly especially on a fierce-looking ride like the Ford Expedition. Polishing the door handles by hand or with an orbital buffer diminishes the appearance of the scratches. Start with only a small amount of polish to achieve an even look. Finish the job by applying glaze to fill in the gaps.

    Apply grease to the outer and inner part of the door handle for better operation.

    Automotive door handles may look simple, but they're actually made of different smaller parts. These mechanisms need proper lubrication to make them work efficiently. If you hear a squeaking sound when you try to open your SUV door handle, it means that the door handles need lubrication. Use spray grease to reach into the nooks of the door handles.