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Ford Explorer Sport Trac Hitch

Care for your Ford Explorer Sport Trac Hitch with These Tips

The Ford Explorer Sport Trac is a superb sport utility pick-up truck derived from the SUV model of the same name. This vehicle deviates a little from its more utilitarian brothers from the Ford truck line-up. Regardless of the differences, the Sport Trac is one vehicle that does not know how to back down from challenges. With a design that is suited more for lifestyle, you can get to explore and play around possibilities. One of this is having a Ford Explorer Sport Trac hitch. This piece of utilitarian accessory gives you the chance to pull trailers and attach racks at the rear end of the bed. You may call it an extension of your truck's functionality, and we like to believe so too. Besides, it is also fairly easy to mount on your chassis. But for you to enjoy its benefits, you should always take good care of it. Here are a few things to do when your hitch asks to be loved.

  • Treat your hitch well just like the other panels that you include in your car wash.

Giving your Sport Trac a thorough car wash allows you to bring back the tidiness on your truck. When you wash your truck, you subject a lot of exterior panels in your cleaning routine. And you need not miss out the hitch mounted underneath your rear bumper. So first stop, you need to hose down the part with a steady stream of running water. Direct it an angle so that you can push away the layers of dirt that have accumulated on its surface. You then proceed with using a wash mitt soaked in a car shampoo mixture. Scrub your hitch with that to fully clean the hitch. Also use a small brush if you have to. Don't forget to wash the suds away after.

  • Follow the hitch limits for safety and longevity.

For your safety and the hitch's welfare, you should use it according to its specified limits. This particularly concerns the load capacity and hitch connectors. If you see to it that these are followed, you can improve the chances of your hitch lasting longer.

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  • Ford Explorer Sport Trac Hitch Installation Checklist

    The Ford Explorer Sport Trac is a more utilitarian version of its SUV counterpart, the Ford Explorer. It puts the comfort, styling, performance, and appeal of a Ford SUV in a pick-up truck. So lo and behold, you got a vehicle that is stylishly functional and rugged. That is a perfect truck for someone that likes a youthful yet commanding presence. Its engine is perfectly capable of bringing you to places without feeling any lack of power. It packs enough muscle to transport you, friends, and other equipment right on time. But we can further maximize your truck by adding accessories like the Ford Explorer Sport Trac hitch. This can be mounted underneath your bumper and straight to the chassis. From that point, you can have extra attachments from your truck's behind. How about you put on a trailer? Check! Or maybe an equipment rack? Check! So once you are convinced, let us go through with how we are going to approach the matter. Here is an installation checklist for the hitch.

    Tip #1: Consider all your lifestyle activities that can benefit from having the hitch.

    How active do you get with your truck? Do you use it for camping, biking, mountaineering, and other outdoor activities? You should list down all your activities one by one. After doing the list, try matching the activities to the components that make use of the hitch. Use this information for choosing the hitch model that will best suit your activities and fit your truck.

    Tip #2: Tag along someone who can assist you with mounting the part.

    You can use a little help from someone during the installation. The other person can assist you with holding and aligning the part as you bolt it to the chassis. This will make the process faster and more efficient.

    Tip #3: Park your Sport Trac in a clear area. Make sure that you put on the parking brakes.

    You will need to park your truck properly and put on its parking brakes. This is because you will be working underneath your vehicle.

    Tip #4: Measure, align, and adjust before bolting the hitch to place.

    You have to make sure that the part fits well before mounting it for good. So you need to measure, align, and adjust before you bolt the piece to place.