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Ford Explorer Bug Shield

Easy Maintenance Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Ford Explorer Bug Shield

Your Ford Explorer bug shield is designed to alter the air flow over the hood of your car, effectively deflecting bugs away from your windshield. But a bug shield isn't just used to keep pesky insects away; it's also helpful in preventing small road debris from hitting your vehicle. It's quite a handy piece of accessory especially if you're planning to take your Ford Explorer out for a long ride. Your bug shield is also built tough and only requires some minor upkeep in order for it to continue doing its job properly. Put on a little elbow grease into keeping your bug shield in tiptop shape so you can drive your car safely even through a road swarmed with moths. Here are a few maintenance tips for your Ford Explorer bug shield:

  • Regularly clean your bug shield using the right products.

There's no way you can avoid dust, dirt, and grime from sticking on your bug shield's surface. The best thing you can do is to prevent it from looking totally dull and neglected by washing it regularly. This accessory is usually cleaned using mild plastic-friendly car soap and a soft non-abrasive rag. You should also try to flush out debris that got stuck in between the bug shield and car hood by hosing water on that area. Don't forget to apply plastic polish to restore its shine. Check the manual that came with your bug shield for further washing and polishing instructions.

  • Repair damage as soon as you see one.

Don't procrastinate when it comes to fixing your broken bug shield. No matter how big or small the damage is, it can still severely affect its integrity. So, routinely check your bug shield for signs of wear and tear. If you see small scratches, apply a bit of polish and buff it off to restore its gleam. If there are cracks on your bug shield, put solvent cement sparingly over the damaged area.

  • Routinely check the condition of its attachments.

Your bug shield is attached to your car's hood by a series of bolts. These bolts become loose over time because of the constant vibration from your car. To avoid compromising your safety and of those around you while you're on the road, always check if the bug shield is bolted on securely and make sure to tighten them if not.

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  • Three Usual Problems Associated with Your Ford Explorer Bug Shield

    The bug shield of your Ford Explorer is primarily used to deflect bugs and small debris off your windshield. It is mounted at a spot where it gets continuously beaten by the wind every time you drive. Because of this, your bug shield is prone to getting damaged over time. It may look like an innocuous accessory, but a broken bug shield can also be a safety hazard. Imagine the amount of damage it can cause if it gets detached from the hood and flung towards your windshield while you're driving fast on the road. To keep this kind of horrific accidents from happening, keep an eye out for the following problems you're likely to encounter with your Ford Explorer bug shield:

    Cracked and broken areas

    From miscellaneous trash to pebbles kicked up by the road—there are a lot of things that can hit and damage your bug shield while you're driving. Because of this, cracks and broken edges are not uncommon things to see over its surface. A quick visual inspection is all you need to do to locate the cracks, scratches, and broken areas. It's a good thing that fixing this problem is just as easy as detecting it. Simply apply an adhesive over the damaged area to put it back into shape. However, if the bug shield is broken beyond repair, replacement is better recommended. Not only does this ensure your safety, but it also keeps your car's front end looking well taken care of.

    Incorrect mounting

    Whether you installed your bug shield the wrong way or you just have a bug shield model that's not suitable for your Explorer, having an incorrectly mounted bug shield can be annoying especially when it starts making unusual vibrating noises over your car hood. If you've been experiencing this problem, then you should check if your bug shield is mounted and bolted at the proper place. Consult the manual that came with it to verify its specifications.

    Loose or missing components

    A set of mounting bolts securely holds your bug shield in place. After some time, some of these bolts become loose and may fall off your vehicle while you're on the road. If your bug shield is looking loosely attached and making noises over the hood of your car, check its bolts to see if they're complete. Replace or tighten them up as needed.